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GCA’s Research Institute and ICE
Form Partnership to Further
Content Exchange Standards and Applications

Issued April 26, 1999

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(Alexandria, VA) — The Graphic Communications Association Research Institute, Inc. (GCARI) and the Information and Content Exchange Authoring Group (ICE AG) recently announced a letter of understanding between the two organizations in which GCARI is named as the official host organization for the ICE AG.

GCARI has entered into this relationship to fulfill its ongoing mission of promoting standards for use in fields of information technology and publishing. Under this agreement, all members of ICE Authoring Group as well as the ICE Advisory Council shall become members of the ICE special membership group of GCARI. The new host organization will host the ICE web site as well as upcoming ICE standards activities.

"The ICE Authoring Group is especially pleased to announce the selection of GCARI as the host organization of ICE," said Brad Husick, chairman, ICE marketing subcommittee and vice president, Vignette Corporation. "GCARI provides a global forum for the further development of this standard for digital asset exchange on the Web, and fosters valuable participation from all interested organizations. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with GCARI."

"This partnership will be very beneficial to newspaper and magazine publishers and corporations sharing information content with their suppliers," says Marion Elledge, senior vice president, GCARI. "This follows the leadership role of the Graphic Communications Association in fostering the development of international standards such as XML, SGML, ISO 12083 and others. GCARI is enthused to promote the developments of the ICE Authoring Group as a service to the publishing industry at-large."

ICE recently won the Seybold Technology Trailblazer award for 1998. ICE AG founding sponsor members include Jay Brodsky (Tribune Media Service), Phil Gibson (National Semiconductor), Bruce Hunt (Adobe Systems, Inc.), Dianne Kennedy (Microsoft Corporation), Rick Levine (Sun Microsystems, Inc.), Laird Popkin (News Internet Services), Neil Webber (Vignette Corporation) and Andrew Werth (CNET, Inc.).

GCARI will sponsor its first ICE Summit, May 17 and 18 in New York City where presentations will focus on the significance of ICE to the Web-based business model of the future. The ICE Summit is co-sponsored by the Magazine Publishers of America and the Society for Scholarly Publishers. Vignette Corporation, ShiftKey Software, Befree, Inc., and Oodleworks will demonstrate XML applications that support this new content exchange standard.

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