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Resolving Formal Public Identifiers

This is a pilot service to resolve a Formal Public Identifier (FPI) as used in SGML and return the Public Text represented by it. FPIs are used in the DOCTYPE declarations of SGML files (including HTML and XML) to identify the Document Type Definition (DTD) in a formal manner, for example:

<!doctype HTML public "-//IETF//DTD HTML 3.0//EN">

This is the format defined in ISO 8879 and ISO 9070, and represents (in its most common form: see ISO 8879 productions [79] to [90] [Goldfarb pp.382-390] for the full details):

or  + // IETF // DTD HTML 3.0 // EN // (optional)






Display Version

<-- Owner Identifier -->

<-- Public Text Identifier -->

ISO9070 If you provide public text or FPIs, you should register your company (or yourself) with the ISO 9070 Registrar as a Public Text Owner. Note that registration is for Public Text Owners, not for your Identifiers, not for the text they identify.

Using the server

To use this server, send a standard HTTP request from your browser or other software in one of the following ways, replacing spaces in the FPI with underscores and any ampersands (&) with %26:


by typing the URL in the format


direct into your browser's address or location panel (cut and paste the above to try it);


from an embedded link in your HTML or other SGML text, eg

<a href="http://www.ucc.ie/cgi-bin/PUBLIC?fpi">...</a> (HTML) 
<ulink url="http://www.ucc.ie/cgi-bin/PUBLIC?fpi">...</ulink> (DocBook)

where the value of the fpi has been either fully urlencoded or partly encoded by replacing any spaces with underscores and any ampersands (&) with %26

Test using embedded link


from an ISINDEX data-collection field, eg in the file header:

<base href="http://www.ucc.ie/cgi-bin/public">

and in the header or text body

<isindex prompt="Formal Public Identifier: ">


from an HTML form:

<form method="POST" action="http://www.ucc.ie/cgi-bin/uncgi/public"> 
<p>Formal Public Identifier: <input name="fpi"> 
<input type="SUBMIT" value="Resolve">  
<input type="RESET"></p>

Formal Public Identifier:

Users on email-only connections can request resolution by using the WebMail server. Send a request as a 1-line email message saying

get http://www.ucc.ie/cgi-bin/PUBLIC?-//IETF//DTD_HTML_3.0//EN

to the server address: webmail@www.ucc.ie


A mechanism for submitting more public texts for serving will be added at a later date. Until then, please refer all queries to the Webmaster.