Understanding SGML and XML Tools

Peter Flynn. Understanding SGML and XML Tools. Kluwer Academic Publishers SGML Bookshelf, Electronic Publishing Series. Dordrecht, Boston, & London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998. Extent: 432 pages, CDROM. ISBN 0-7923-8169-6. Price $84 USD.

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Peter Flynn
Silmaril and University College Cork
WWW: http://imbolc.ucc.ie/~pflynn/
Email: pflynn@imbolc.ucc.ie

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Volume Contents

  1. Introduction to SGML: what it's for and how it can benefit you and your organization; understanding markup and how to use it to advantage; what a Document Type Definition (DTD) and an SGML Declaration are and why you might need one

  2. Finding the right Document Type: how a DTD works and how to tell which one you're using; what's publicly available; descriptions of some common DTDs; how to write your own; and an update on the SGML standard

  3. Editors: creating and maintaining text: how to compile a DTD and use a stylesheet; descriptions of popular general-purpose editors, editor add-ons and taggers, and some facilities for graphics and math

  4. Parsing and validating: why files need to be valid; how to use a built-in parser, and how to use a stand-alone one; making use of parser output to do other things with

  5. Manipulation and conversion: using free non-SGML tools like UNIX utilities, Perl, and Python; descriptions of common programmable SGML processing software; and some conversion tools you don't need to program

  6. Finding, viewing and printing SGML: standalone viewers and browsers; non-visual output (Braille and audio); networked browsers; viewers for corpus data; getting SGML printed simply and quickly; SGML DTP; high-end publishing systems; and programmable batch systems; searching SGML text; document management and archiving; database systems for SGML

  7. Rolling your own: writing SGML software; toolkits for the programmer; embedding SGML facilities in your own code.

Appendix on the CD-ROM, sources of further information, glossary of terms, and indexes.

Other information: see the main bibliography entry.