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This page is dedicated to the FLBC and its associated message management system (i.e., MMS). Probably the best introduction to this topic is found in a statement I wrote for a workshop. Briefly, the FLBC can be seen as a "competitor" to KQML. FLBC is a formal language that can be used for automated electronic communication (e.g., EDI or agent communications). The FLBC language and the MMS both exploit linguistics throughout their design; it is this depth of integration, this usage of a wide range of influencing concepts, that is the real contribution of this system.

Designing the system in accordance with the principles gleaned from linguistics has resulted in a system that is highly modular. In the design of a language, in current systems messages are handled as a whole: either a system knows how to handle an ANSI X.12 message or it does not. The module is at the level of the message for EDI systems. The FLBC breaks a message up into three major parts (the force, the content, and the context); the

Finally, the XML DTD for this language is available on the Web.

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