SGML: Berkeley Finding Aids Update

SGML: Berkeley Finding Aids Update

From Thu Feb  1 12:18:57 1996
From: Daniel Pitti <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: WWW Access to Finding Aids for Archival Collections


The Library at the University of California, Berkeley is pleased to announce
WWW access to sample HTML and SGML encoded finding aids (http
address below). The source finding aids for both kinds of network delivery
are encoded using the FindAid DTD developed in the Berkeley Finding Aid
Project. The HTML version of the finding aids are being converted "on the
fly" from SGML to HTML through Electronic Book Technologies
DynaWeb. The full SGML finding aids are available through SoftQuad's

Please note that the FindAid DTD has been superseded by the Encoded
Archival Description (EAD) DTD being developed by the Society of
American Archivists and the Library of Congress in collaboration with
archivists and SGML experts. Release of an alpha  version of the EAD
DTD and an EAD Tag Library are imminent. 

A history and progress report on EAD is also available at the WWW site
given below. When the alpha version of the EAD DTD is released, we will
provide a WEB page linked to the site below providing information on how
to become an early implementor, and where you can obtain the DTD and
Tag Library.

A listserv for discussing standards for encoded finding aids is also available.
If you would like to subscribe to the FINDAID listserv, send to the
following address the following message:

     subject: <blank>
     message: sub FINDAID <your name>

Daniel Pitti
Librarian for Advanced Technologies Projects
386 Library
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
phone: 510/643-6602
fax: 510/642-4759