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Ralph Ferris: HyTime Application Development Guide

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From: (ralph ferris)
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Subject: HyTime Application Development Guide
Date: 12 May 1995 04:08:11 GMT
Organization: Netcom
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Working with the staff of TechnoTeacher, Inc., I have developed a  
document titled the "HyTime Application Development Guide." The Guide  
describes the relationship of HyTime to SGML, basic HyTime concepts, and  
provides a number of examples to illustrate those concepts. The document  
concentrates on HyTime linking concepts, with a number of examples of  
the use of indirect addressing with various link traversal options. The  
Guide can be obtained by anonymous ftp from the TechnoTeacher archive in the directory  

Ralph E. Ferris
Project Manager, Electronic Publications
Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions, Inc.