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FrameBuilder EDDs


From: thomas@slim.gmd.de
Newsgroups: comp.archives
Subject: [comp.text.frame] ANNONCEMENT, FrameBuilder EDDs for ISO 12083
Date: 29 Nov 1993 15:11:53 +0100
Approved: Jost.Krieger@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Message-ID: <2dcvv9$8cl@rubb.rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de>

Archive-Name: auto/comp.text.frame/ANNONCEMENT-FrameBuilder-EDDs-for-ISO-12083


FrameBuilder versions of the ISO 12083 SGML DTDs for articles and books
are available on our ftp server, at ftp.gmd.de:gmd/sgml/fbedds.tar.Z.

I've also included a few FrameBuilder "templates" for these document types
containing layout information.  The article template is in the style
of a Kluwer journal article.

ISO 12083 is a set of SGML DTDs for articles, books and serials.
FrameBuilder is a version of FrameMaker with very nice support for
editing and formatting structured documents, but unfortunately does not
support SGML directly. 

The README file is attached.  Please let me know if you find any errors
or make any improvements.

Dr. Thomas F. Gordon
GMD, FIT-KI; Schloss Birlinghoven
53757 Sankt Augustin / Germany
email: thomas.gordon@gmd.de;  phone: (+49 2241) 14-2665

--------------------------- READ ME ----------------------------------------

This directory contains FrameBuilder Element Definition Documents
(EDDs) "templates" for the ISO 12083 document types.   The ISO 
documents are defined as SGML Document Type Definitions (DTDs), but it
was rather straightforward, if tedious, to translate these by hand
into EDDs.

There are two EDDs, one for books and one for articles.  I haven't
translated the ISO 12083 DTD for serials.

Whereas a EDD describes the logical structure of a document type, a
FrameBuilder "template" is contains the paragraph and character styles
which define the layout of the document.   The templates included here
are incomplete.  I've only included what I have needed so far in my
own work.    Their is no template for a complete book.  Rather, there
is a template for a single chapter.  Presumably one will want to use
FrameBuilder's "book" feature for combining several documents into
a book.

The "kluwer" article template is in the style of a Kluwer journal
article.  The "manuscript" template is the same, except that lines are

The article and book templates already include their respective EDDs;
they don't need to be imported separately.

The "letter" template is a FrameBuilder version of our GMD letterhead
stationary, and is presumably only of interest to others here at GMD.
This template is unstructured; it doesn't include an EDD.

Please inform me about any improvements you may make to these
templates, or other templates you may design for these EDDs.