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XMLSolutions announces the Exeter E-commerce Engine

First Product to Seamlessly link EDI and XML e-commerce systems

SAN JOSE, CA - March 8, 1999 - Today at X'Tech99, XMLSolutions announced the Exeter E-commerce Engine, the first Internet application for integrating XML and EDI e-commerce systems. This product will help level the playing field by allowing small companies to exchange data with larger companies with out having to pay the large price tag associated with EDI systems.

"Exeter will allow for the seamless exchange of XML and EDI data, this is important as the Internet becomes an important component in business to business data exchange," explained XMLSolutions CEO, Jeffrey Ricker. "With this product small and medium size companies can get in the game by being able to exchange data with larger business partners that have made investments in EDI systems."

Exeter is a true multi-tier web-based application. At the heart of a new product is the Lotus XSL Processor running with IBM's WebSphere Application Server. Exeter also employs Object Design's eXcelon XML data server. All business logic is written in Java and all transformation instructions are written in extensible style language (XSL). Exeter includes an interchange engine, a data transformation engine, mapping tools and application connector architecture.

"This is exactly what we had in mind when we made XML technologies available free off of the alphaWorks web site -- to see partners and developers using our technology to harness the power of XML is great, " said Michael Weiner, Director of XML Marketing, IBM. "The use of the Lotus XSL processor in XMLSolutions' Exeter E-commerce Engine illustrates how XML can simplify data exchange over the Internet."

"As a member of Object Design's eXtreme Advantage Partner Program, XMLSolutions worked very closely with us throughout the beta testing process of our new eXcelon XML data server," said Larry Alston, vice president of marketing for Object Design. "Because of this, XMLSolutions has been able to deliver Exeter just one week after we announced eXcelon's general availability. Together, eXcelon and Exeter will bring the efficiency and cost-savings of EDI to companies of all sizes, through XML-enabled business-to-business electronic commerce."

Exeter is essential middleware for business-to-business e-commerce. Exeter translates legacy EDI into XML and vice versa, allowing small and midsize companies to communicate with large companies via XML while allowing large companies to leverage their existing EDI investment.

Exeter also bridges between different XML standards. Currently there are several proposed XML standards for e-commerce, including CBL, cXML, BizTalk and OBI, with more on the way. EDI itself comes in two major standards, UN EDIFACT and US X12, each having several release versions.

"The great thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from," quipped George Thomas, vice president of XMLSolutions. "Exeter overcomes this challenge, allowing companies to translate one standard into another."

"XML is the most important Internet technology since the advent of HTML and will have just as much impact upon the way that America conducts business," stated Thomas. "In order to take strategic advantage of XML, organizations need to begin planning and prototyping now."

Exeter will be available second quarter of this year.

About XMLSolutions

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