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Euromath Support Center is taking part in the Euromath Project, a project of the European Mathematical Trust and to offer user support in all of Europe in relation to EUROMATH.

EUROMATH is a project to enhance research support for european mathematicians and to stimulate interchange among them by creating a research environment based on modern information technology. The project aims to produce both software and services.

Also the Euromath Bulletin is printed in frame of this project. The foremost aim of the Bulletin is to disseminate useful information to the European mathematical community on the use of computers in assisting mathematicians in various tasks. The Bulletin also informs regularly on developments in the Euromath Project.

The EUROMATH system is a homogeneous working environment adapted to the needs of the mathematician, based on a single data model. The system is designed to incorporate an editor capable of handling mathematical documents, accessing and creating mathematical databases, an electronic mail interface and computer algebra capability.

The EUROMATH system is built upon the WYSIWYG approach and the full SGML-compatibility of the Grif SGML structured editor (also EUROMATH editor) developed by Grif SA, St. Quentin.Additional functionality (also EUROMATH applications) has been developed by a number of partners. Organisations involved in the development of EUROMATH include:

The basic informations:

Now FREE trial licences of the Euromath System (for academic institute) are available on request,with licence expiring June 15, 1997.

How to subscribe to EUROMATH

Any academic institute may subscribe to EUROMATH. Now subscribers receive:

The current subscription rate is 1500 ECU.

The order should be sent:

Ian R. Stone
EMT Secretary
Research Grants and Contracts Office
The Registry
University of Kent at Canterbury
Kent CT2 7NZ
Fax: + 44 227 452 196
e-mail: irs1@ukc.uk.ac

Hardware requirements for running Euromath System:

The Euromath System is UNIX and X-Window based. Currently it exists on a SUN4 running SunOS 4.1.x or Solaris 2.3 or later. For SunOS 4.1.x you need X11R6 or a commercial version of X that supports Type1 fonts. The version of OpenWindows with Solaris does work.

The Euromath system 1 was available also on the following platforms:

Euromath needs:

The Euromath Support Center has several tasks:

Contact address:

Euromath Support Center
Department of Computer Science
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina
842 15 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel: +42 -7 - 726 635
Fax: +42 -7 - 727 041
e-mail: emt@fmph.uniba.sk

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