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Electronic Publishing'98
Call for papers

Saint Malo, France, 1-3 April 1998

(version franšaise)

EP98, the seventh International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Document Manipulation and Typography will be held on 1-3 April, 1998, at the Palais des Congrès in Saint Malo, France.

Saint Malo is approximately 65 kilometres North of Rennes, 350 km West of Paris and connected to International Airports through high speed trains and to Great Britain by ferry lines (see site information)


EP98 will be the seventh in a biennial series of international conferences organized to promote the exchange of novel ideas concerning computer production and manipulation of documents. The importance of electronic documents has increased significantly in recent years as organisations rethink the way they use and represent information. EP98 will reflect the changing nature of documents by treating electronic publishing as a broad topic covering many aspects of hypermedia, information visualisation, and business aspects of electronic document dissemination as well as document representation and design.


Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:


The early conferences in the EP series, EP86 (Nottingham, England) and EP88 (Nice, France), concentrated on the core aspects of electronic document production, from composition to printing. EP90 (Gaithersburg, USA) adopted a broader approach, covering hypertext and hypermedia, document recognition and analysis, and applications of data-base techniques to document handling.

EP92 (Lausanne, Switzerland) and EP94 (Darmstadt, Germany) widened the area again, confirming the trend for document processing to cover progressively more areas of computer science. The most recent conference in the series, EP96 (Palo Alto, USA), established multimedia, network publishing, information visualisation, and novel document interfaces as conference themes.

It is expected that EP98 will continue the trend to treat electronic publishing as a broad subject and to explore its relationship with computer science and other disciplines.


Authors are invited to submit complete papers describing original research results. All papers will be refereed by the programme committee and judged on originality, clarity, and technical merit. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be available at the conference.

Papers should be written clearly in English, begin with a summary of up to 200 words, and occupy at most 12 pages. The first page should contain the title of the paper and the full name, affiliation, and contact details (including email address) of each author. The second page should begin with the title of the paper and the summary, but should not include any identification of the author(s). This is to assist the anonymous refereeing process. Please note that the main body of the paper (the second page and any subsequent pages) is limited to a total of 11 pages.

To submit your paper, please email a PostScript version to the Chair of the Programme Committee at H.Brown@ukc.ac.uk.

Acknowledgement of submission and notification of acceptance will be via email to the first named author. Instructions for the preparation of the final version of a paper will be sent on acceptance.

Enquiries about submitting papers should be addressed (preferably by email) to

Professor Heather Brown
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
New Museums Site, Pembroke Street
Cambridge CB2 3QG, England
Email: H.Brown@ukc.ac.uk, tel: +44 (0)1223 334418 , fax: +44 (0)1223 334678


July 15, 1997 Full papers received by the Programme Chair
October 1, 1997 Notification of acceptance or rejection
November 15, 1997 Final versions of accepted papers received by the Conference Secretariat
April 1-3, 1998 EP98 Conference


It is expected that RIDT98 (Raster Imaging and Digital Typography 98) and PODP98 (Principles of Document Processing 98) will be held in Saint Malo during the same week as EP98 (more information will be provided here as soon as possible).


INRIA University of KENT

Further interested parties are cordially invited to contact Jacques André at the Conference Secretariat.


General enquiries and the EP98 reply form should be sent to the Conference Secretariat.

Enquiries concerning papers should be sent to the Programme Committee Chair.

Enquiries or suggestions concerning the tutorials should be sent to the Conference Secretariat or to the Tutorials Chair:

Professor Rolf Ingold
Institut d'informatique, Université de Fribourg
Chemin du Musee 3, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Email: rolf.ingold@unifr.ch, tel: +41 26 300 84 66, fax: +41 26 300 97 31

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