Popkin enters the e-world

Heralds a new generation of e-business development tools

LONDON and NEW YORK, August 4TH 2000 - Popkin Software previewed the first in a series of e-business development tools at New York’s XML DevCon show in June to considerable acclaim. Widely known as the manufacturer and vendor of System Architect 2001 the enterprise modeling tool, Popkin is poised to launch it’s attack on the e-business tools market with envision XML, a graphical based XML schema generator and reverser.

Popkin is more than delighted with the response received at the show which included advance orders for the product, due for commercial release at the end of the summer. Jan Popkin, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Popkin observed "The overwhelming feeling from the attendees was that there is a strong demand for sophisticated tools that produce and manage schema documents. I believe that, with envision XML, we have brought a very special product to the marketplace. We have been able to utilize technology and experience from 15 years of building graphical development software and apply this directly to satisfying this demand."

envision XML will allow users to more easily implement and manage the XML schema, critical for successful implementation of B2B applications and other Web based information technologies including the second generation Web.

At the core of envision XML is a data dictionary that stores the definitions used in the schema and allows reuse of these items across the organization. Above the dictionary is the graphical editor providing drag-and-drop facilities to immensely improve productivity, accuracy and standardization of schema development. The reverse engineering facility will let users easily incorporate existing schema into the dictionary to create their own schema management environment.

"We see XML as a key business-to-business enabling technology. By reusing our own technology we have been able to leapfrog the current selection of XML editors to produce a next generation tool. envision XML will take us a step closer to bringing this technology into the mainstream. It offers crucial benefits at both a technology level, encouraging the sharing and reuse of data between systems, and at a business level by providing a way in which disparate businesses can interoperate", commented Jan Popkin. "Over the coming months we will be extending and expanding our support for XML and the ways in which we can help our customers use and apply the technology."

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