$GML: The Billion Dollar Secret

SGML: The Billion Dollar Secret

Table of Contents

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     The Primary target audience is managers and executives in organizations 
     considering SGML.  "The Billion Dollar Secret" explains the business 
     reasons for adopting SGML and illustrates those reasons with case 
     studies from household name corporations. 
     Table of contents: 
     Chapter 1. The Cottage Industry 
                Right Under Your Nose 
     Chapter 2. Building Cutting-Edge Information 
                Products From Documents -
                Why It Doesn't Work Today
     Chapter 3. Case Study: 
                Grolier Incorporated 
     Chapter 4. Case Study: 
                Sybase, Incorporated 
     Chapter 5. Case Study: 
                United Technologies Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
     Chapter 6. Case Study: 
                Mobil Corporation 
     Chapter 7. Case Study: 
                The Semiconductor Industry 
     Chapter 8. SGML Initiatives in Other Industries 
     Chapter 9. Lessons for Your Future: 
                Learning from the Case Studies
     Afterword: Finding Out More About SGML