SGML: The Billion Dollar Secret

By: Chet Ensign, Logical Design Systems, NYC

Coming November, 1996 from Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Copyright 1997, 350 pp.
ISBN 0-13-226705-5
Price: $29.95


Learn how visionary companies have used SGML to turn document "jungles" into high-value business assets.

This book will help corporations use SGML to create and exchange information in ways that are dramatically more cost-effective. It will also help them identify and take advantage of new business opportunities that SGML makes possible. Learn new ways to think about documents, understand the limitations of word processors and desktop publishing systems, and discover how SGML helps overcome them. Detailed real-world case studies are presented, including Sybase, Grolier, United Technologies' Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, and Mobil Corporation. The SGML implementation used by the semiconductor industry's Pinnacles Initiative is also covered in detail. Learn the lessons that can be learned from these case studies, and make a plan for implementing SGML. For document managers, project leaders, CIOs, directors of MIS, and anyone responsible for managing large amounts of information within an organization.