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 Enigma Commits Further Development Resources to the World Wide Web Consortium

Waltham, Mass., May 27, 1998 -- Enigma, Inc., the leader in electronic publishing solutions, announced that the company has committed further development resources to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C was founded in 1994 to help build the World Wide Web by developing common protocols to promote its evolution and insure its interoperability. The W3C works with the global community to produce specifications and reference software that is made freely available throughout the world.

Enigma actively participates in the W3C working groups that influence standards directions for XML and its related technologies, such as XSL. INSIGHT, Enigma's flagship product, turns large documents into intuitive, highly functional and navigable applications without any customized programming. INSIGHT is uniquely positioned in the market because it supports both mainstream authoring applications, such as Word, as well as high-end applications, including SGML and XML.

"Enigma's relationship with our customers provides us with significant knowledge regarding data semantics and layout characteristics. As a result, we have increased our development efforts supporting the W3C, enabling Enigma to take a leading role in shaping emerging standards, such as XSL, that will drive market adoption of XML," noted Ronnen Armon, chief technology officer at Enigma. "As contributors to the consortium's efforts, Enigma will deliver products that incorporate the latest standards to our customer base."

About Enigma

Enigma, Inc. (http://www.enigmainc.com) is the leading provider of professional electronic publishing solutions to corporate, government and commercial publishers. The company's flagship product, INSIGHT, enables organizations to turn static electronic source documents into intelligent, highly functional electronic publications that can be simultaneously distributed on the Internet and CD-ROM. Typical applications of INSIGHT include technical documentation, reference publications, electronic textbooks, policy and procedure manuals and catalogs. A growing list of customers now benefits from Enigma's electronic publishing solutions, including United Technologies, Rolls-Royce, GaSonics International, Scientific American and Standard and Poor's. Enigma is a privately held company, headquartered in Boston with offices in London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Tokyo and Tel Aviv.

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