English Poetry Plus on CD-ROM

5,000 poems by 314 poets from Chaucer to the end of the nineteenth century with biographies, portraits, background illustrations and recorded readings.

English Poetry Plus has been designed specially to provide a broad selection of the works of all the best-known poets, genres and periods. These are complemented by carefully chosen works by lesser-known authors which provide new access to a rich collection of fresh material. Over 200 British poets are represented and over 100 from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Indian sub-continent, the West Indies and South Africa.

Poems can be selected in a variety of ways: by topic, by period, by genre or poetic form, by poet, by first line and title or you can search on any word or phrase across the whole anthology.

English Poetry Plus also includes biographies of every poet, portraits of nearly 100 of them, selections of illustrations to provide a pictorial background to each chronological period and over fifty recorded readings.

The software runs under Microsoft Windows and makes it easy to find your way around the database. Poems are displayed on screen in an attractive form close to that of the printed page.

English Poetry Plus makes an enormous range of poetry available to teachers, students and the general public, in the most accessible form and at a price which every library can afford .