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EnCyc to Use XML to Push Web-Based Marketing Encyclopedia Capabilities

(Holland, MI -- March 3, 1998) -- EnCyc, Inc. announced today at DCI’s Sales Force Automation show that it will use the World Wide Web Consortium’s eXtensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 specification to develop enhanced functionality for its Web-based Marketing Encyclopedia.

For Internet applications, XML will complement the HTML presentation format as a platform-independent data format, netting a better solution for defining, validating and sharing documents on the Web. Intelligent documents built with XML structured data will deliver highly interactive and dynamic applications.

EnCyc’s Marketing Encyclopedia already provides best of class tools to manage, deliver and apply information in the sales and marketing process. EnCyc’s application of XML will extend the features of its Web-based product. "Our current products go beyond document delivery and provide strong, value-added tools to manage the marketing encyclopedia content in the back-office and to apply the materials to front-line selling tasks," said Mike Ellis, EnCyc president. "For Web-based systems, XML will further enhance the ability to deliver rich, interactive applications."

For managing content, XML provides structured document attributes and improved indexing. For applying content, coupling XML with XSL (eXtensible Style Language) and DHTML (Dynamic HTML) will create documents that carry embedded data to better inform and interact with customers and prospects. XML and XML-based protocols such as ICE (Information and Content Exchange) will also improve the delivery of marketing encyclopedia data to the sales force, sales channels and customers.

"We see XML enabling more advanced uses as well," said Ellis. "Companies are now leveraging the Internet for sales and marketing activities as well as electronic commerce. XML will drive the development of intelligent marketing content. Example uses include delivering Web-based presentations and proposals that adapt to each customer’s interests and profile."


About EnCyc’s Marketing Encyclopedia System

EnCyc is a user-friendly solution for front-line salespeople who often find themselves encumbered with volumes of sales material. EnCyc consolidates, converts, indexes and distributes a client’s marketing content (such as documents, product information, specifications, visuals and multimedia presentations). The application can also be used to automatically generate PowerPoint sales presentations using content stored in the encyclopedia.


About EnCyc Inc.

EnCyc is a software development enterprise that maximizes information utilization and delivery with a focus on the sales and marketing process. Its fundamental mission is helping clients enhance face-to-face sales effectiveness. As a service-directed technology organization, EnCyc provides clients complete user training services, technical support and computer-based training tools.