SGML: Seybold Editors' Awards 1996

Electronic Book Technologies for DynaWeb

[Extract from Seybold Editors' Awards 1996]. See the corresponding bibliographic entry.

"Seybold Editors' Awards - The Seybold Editors recognized 15 products at their fifth annual awards ceremony held in conjunction with Seybold Seminars Boston. . .

Electronic Book Technologies for DynaWeb. The economics of publishing on the Web have tremendous appeal, but HTML has distinct limitations when it comes to handling long, structured documents. EBT, leveraging its SGML-based tools for viewing electronic books (DynaText), developed a Web server that creates HTML on the fly from the richer SGML markup. DynaWeb supports different versions of HTML and can even take advantage of Netscape extensions, such as frames, without retagging all of the source files. In marrying SGML repositories and style sheets to inexpensive Web browsers, EBT has blazed an alternative, and productive, path that shows the value SGML markup can bring to Web publishing.