Since its formation in 1992, the International Committee for Accessible Document Design (ICADD) has been dedicated to making information accessible to persons with print disabilities. This includes individuals who cannot use standard printed documents because of a visual, perceptual, or other physical disability.

ICADD was formed following a panel presentation at the World Congress on Technology in December 1991. Delegates recognized the need to develop and promote standards, so that accessible materials could be produced through automated means as a supplement to existing information creation processes.

The Committee first met at the Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities (sponsored annually by California State University at Northridge) in March, 1992. Since then, members have gathered at several conferences related to technologies and their applications by people with disabilities. The group collaborates through an Internet list server based at the University of Arizona.


ICADD's Statement of Purpose:

The International Committee for Accessible Document Design (ICADD) is dedicated to making printed materials accessible to persons with print disabilities. ICADD is an international nonpartisan consortium of representatives from industry, education, and the disabled community.

To all Interested Persons:

Since its founding in 1992, ICADD has pursued its mission through the efforts of many individuals and organizations. We invite and encourage additional participation by all who support our goal to make printed information accessible to persons with print disabilities simultaneously, and at no greater cost. The attached materials explain our organization structure and practices, and include organization and individual contributor applications.

March, 1995 ICADD Organizational Structure

ICADD exists to provide a framework for collaboration among participating organizations. Our structure has evolved both to maintain a separate identity for ICADD, and to facilitate its ongoing evolution.

A description of ICADD's Governing Practices

ICADD itself is a committee

a. Voting members are the organization representatives in good standing b. Membership is continuously open to change and evolution c. Memberships are for a period of 12 months from committee action accepting the membership, unless withdrawn or suspended by committee action

ICADD (as a committee) has duties

a. Act on all membership requests b. Set goals and objectives for ICADD c. Seek and appoint working committee chairs from among members, member organizations, and individual contributors d. Establish responsibilities and goals for working committees e. Review and act on working committee reports and activities (such as accepting, endorsing, or publishing these reports)

ICADD operates as an e-mail committee

a. It conducts business primarily by e-mail b. It follows Robert's Rules of Order for E-mail Committees, described separately, to conduct business c. It plans periodic meetings, at which it may also choose to conduct business

ICADD has a chairman

a. The chair is elected from among members (representatives) b. Who has agreed to the job c. For a one year term d. Who may resign if unable to carry on the duties e. Whose only specific duty is to keep and issue the "Chairman's Report on the Status of the Meeting". This is described in the "Robert's Rules of Order for E-mail Committees" Description of Organizational Membership

Requirements are:

a. A group with a stated organizational, research, or supporting mission which relates to making documents accessible to persons with disabilities. The written "mission statements" will be included in published ICADD materials as part of the way that we communicate "who" ICADD is and what ICADD stands for.

b. A willingness to participate actively in support of ICADD work. This includes regular participation in the e-mail based "business meetings", and working in other ways toward agreed upon goals.

c. A willingness to commit time and perhaps other resources in support of that participation

d. Designation of a specific representative to ICADD. This is the voting member.

e. Agree that the organization may be named as a member of ICADD (as long as membership is not expired or withdrawn)

f. Completion of the ICADD Membership Application.

Membership is annual:

a. Membership renewal requires resubmission of the membership application, received by ICADD within the final 2 months prior to membership expiration.

b. Membership applications will be accepted (or rejected) by committee action.

c. Upon expiration of membership, an organization will no longer participate as a committee (voting) member. This could be by not submitting a new membership application, or by committee action

d. Former members can always reapply by submitting a new application

Membership may be withdrawn:

a. An organization may withdraw its membership at any time by submitting a request to the committee in writing, which will be routinely accepted by the committee.

b. That organization will then not be considered a member, will not vote, and will not be listed as a member in ICADD documents and papers.

Description of Individual Contribution to ICADD Work

Requirements are:

a. A personal or professional interest which relates to making documents accessible to persons with disabilities

b. A willingness to commit time and participate actively in support of goals

c. Agree to be named as a working committee contributor of ICADD in documents which are prepared by that working committee

d. Complete an ICADD Contributor Biography and submit it to ICADD

Participation is simply by working:

a. For a regular (ongoing) committee

b. On a particular project

Description of ICADD's Working Groups

ICADD has working groups:

a. These may consist of one or more persons

b. They accept goals, responsibilities, and timetables from ICADD (the committee)

c. They do their work and report back to ICADD

d. They may be ongoing or temporary (project) in nature

e. Working groups currently exist for technical, administrative, and promotional activities

- Technical work includes the research and development of standards and practices which will further ICADD's mission

- Administrative work includes operating mechanics for processing, keeping, and publishing records of ICADD work

- Promotional work includes publicizing and seeking support for ICADD, promoting the use of its recommended standards and practices, and education on ways to make documents accessible

The ICADD Membership Application

Application for Membership as an Organization which supports ICADD

The Organization:

Name of Organization _________________________________

Postal Address _________________________________ Phone _________________________________ Fax _________________________________

The Organization Mission:

The stated mission which relates to ICADD's work of making documents accessible to people with disabilities, as it can be published in ICADD materials

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Support Offered:

Brief description of resources that the organization can offer in support of ICADD's work


Designated Representative:

Name _________________ Title _________________ E-mail Address _________________ Phone _________________

[The representative and others who can contribute should complete individual contributor statement forms]

Agreement with ICADD Statement of Purpose and Practices:

We want to support ICADD's work and agree to ICADD's Statement of Purpose and Practices, dated March, 1995

Signed and submitted by:_________________________________ (Authorized person approving this application)

Date Completed: __________________________

ICADD Individual Contributor Statement:

Statement of Willingness to contribute to and support ICADD

Contributor Name:

Name _________________ E-mail Address _________________ Postal Address _________________ Phone _________________

Organization/University/Company Affiliation:

Title _________________________________

Name of Organization _________________________________ Postal Address _________________________________ Phone _________________________________ Fax _________________________________


A brief biographical statement, as it can be published in ICADD materials relating to ICADD work

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Support Offered:

Brief description of your interest, time available, and resources that you can offer in support of ICADD's work


Agreement with ICADD Statement of Purpose and Practices:

I want to support ICADD's work and agree to ICADD's Statement of Purpose and Practices, dated March 1995

Signed By:_________________________________

Date Completed: ___________________________

Getting in touch with ICADD:

To apply as an organization (committee) member:

Complete the Organization Application and an Individual Contributor statement for the designated representative.

Send the application to any of the persons listed below, via e-mail or postal mail.

ICADD will act on applications as quickly as possible.

To offer your help as an individual contributor:

First, and most important, get in touch with the working group leader. Current groups and leaders are listed below.

Complete an Individual Contributor statement for ICADD records if you agree to take on working group projects or assignments.

Send a copy to the Administrative working group leader who will update and maintain records

ICADD Chair and Working Group Leaders as of March 1995:


Tom Wesley, University of Bradford t.a.b.wesley@bradford.ac.uk

Working Groups


George Kerscher, Recording for the Blind cbfb_gwk@selway.umt.edu


Michael Paciello, Digital Equipment Corporation paciello@usable.enet.dec.com


Chris Brooks, Recording for the Blind cwbrooks@rfb.org

Postal: c/o RFB 20 Roszel Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 609 520 8098