SGML: EAD Alpha DTD and Tag Library

SGML: EAD Alpha DTD and Tag Library

From Thu Mar 14 16:38:45 1996
From: Daniel Pitti <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Encoded Archival Description Alpha DTD

FindAid subscribers,

On February 26, the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC 
Standards Office (LC/NDMSO) released to early implementors the alpha 
Encoded Archival Description (EAD) DTD and an EAD Tag Library. The latter 
is currently available as a WordPerfect file and the ftp site given 
below. If you do not have access to ftp, you can also request the files 
on a diskette from LC/NDMSO.

The ftp site is: /pub/ead

At this stage we are looking for additional EAD Early Implementors to 
test the alpha DTD. We are especially looking for individuals and 
institutions that have some experience working with SGML tools (parsers, 
authoring and editing software, e.g., SGMLS, SoftQuad's Author/Editor, 
WordPerfect SGML, and AdeptEdit; and database publishers/browsers 
e.g., PAT/Lector; DynaText/DynaWeb, SoftQuad's Panorama, OCLC's WebZ and 

If you and your institution have these qualifications, we would urge you 
to subscribe to the EAD listserv for early implementors maintained at the 
Library of Congress:

To subscribe to EAD, send a message to "LISTSERV@LOC.GOV" with the 
following text:
     subscribe ead <firstname initial? lastname>
You should substitute your first name, initial (if you have one),
and last name for the portion shown in angle brackets above.  Do
*not* include any other text in the message.  As before, messages
you wish to post to the list should be sent to "EAD@LOC.GOV".  You
will be able to post messages only *after* you have subscribed!
You will receive documentation on "LISTSERV" commands when you

For those of you who feel that you are not ready to get involved at this 
early stage, it is anticipated that over the next few months EAD Early 
Implementors will develop/modify various SGML tools making use of EAD 
"friendly," and that these tools will be made widely available.

Daniel Pitti