Inso Announces DynaBase3.0, a New Version of the Leading Web Publishing System
for Teams Developing and Managing Dynamic Web Sites

3.0 to Include Java-based Client, Full XML Support, Enhanced Security, New Workgroup
and Personal Pack Offerings, and Support for Microsoft’s IIS 4.0

SAN FRANCISCO, September 29, 1997 – At Seybold San Francisco/Publishing ‘97 today, Inso Corporation (booth #2035) announced Version 3.0 of the DynaBase Dynamic Web Publishing System. DynaBase 3.0 provides an integrated solution for developing and managing high-impact, dynamic Web content that can be personalized for individual end-users.

The new version will include a Java-based client for Macintosh and UNIX users that complements the existing Windows client. Also new in 3.0 will be full support for eXtensible Markup Language (XML) documents, Web page pre-generation for use with file-based Web servers, enhanced security, and new workgroup and personal packs to augment the current enterprise offering. In addition, DynaBase 3.0 will add Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 to its list of supported Web servers.

"DynaBase represents one of the few ‘next-generation’ commercial solutions currently available on the market. It delivers an integrated set of capabilities for managing content in a systematic manner and for flexibly distributing it across the Web," said Geoffrey E. Bock, Senior Consultant at Patricia Seybold Group. "Being one of the first out of the gate with an underlying object repository -- and a league ahead of file oriented solutions provided by such market heavyweights as Lotus, Microsoft, and Netscape -- Inso may garner a big chunk of an emerging and rapidly growing market segment."

"DynaBase 3.0 has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of today’s new media publishers," said Kim Shah, General Manager of DynaBase at Inso. "By providing a Java-based client, DynaBase now provides a solution for the large number of Web site contributors, such as graphic designers and developers, who work on Macintosh or UNIX platforms. In addition, the product’s support for XML, which we expect to be a key content delivery mechanism, demonstrates the thoughtful design of DynaBase, as well as Inso’s commitment to supporting open standards."

In Version 3.0, Inso has added full support for native XML components. XML content management capabilities in DynaBase include the ability to import, validate, and store XML components, as well as support for indexing, version control, and edition management of XML content. DynaBase’s XML dynamic publishing capabilities include XML component serving through the DynaBase Server Plug-in, XML tag-level scripting, and XML tag-level search and retrieval.

Using document class templates, DynaBase 3.0 supports the pre-generation of Web pages, including all media components, for use on external file-based Web servers. This capability will be used by teams with content-only responsibility and who do not control the production Web server environment. This capability is important in remote or shared hosting environments, such as with an Internet Service Provider.

With DynaBase 3.0, Inso is introducing new Workgroup and Personal Packs in addition to the current Enterprise Pack. The Workgroup Pack, priced at $9,995, is designed for small workgroups and includes a license for three DynaBase clients and a one DynaBase Data Server for Windows NT. The Personal Pack, priced at $1,995, is intended for a single power-developer, and includes a one workstation license for one client and one server on Windows NT. Enterprise Pack pricing starts at $49,995 and includes ten cross-platform clients and one server for either UNIX or Windows NT.

DynaBase’s two main capabilities are sophisticated content management and powerful dynamic publishing. For content management, DynaBase includes the Data Server, a secure, version-controlled repository for Web site components that keeps site content well organized and managed, while also enabling remote access to the production environment. The DynaBase Data Server includes a built in object-oriented database for storing all forms of Web content including HTML, graphics, scripts, applets, and other media.

The DynaBase Web Manager Client is the interface to the Data Server. It is a file browser for Web sites that can operate locally or remotely across the Internet using the HTTP protocol. The Web Manager enables Web site contributors to check-in or check-out content from the Data Server and automatically launches any authoring tool, enabling instantaneous editing. It also provides multiple views of content, including a Web site folder view, a link view of each document, a version history view, and a management log.

DynaBase’s dynamic publishing environment includes both the Web Server Plug-in and the Web Developer Client. DynaBase constructs highly functional, animated Web pages on-the-fly, from any combination of data types such as HTML, graphics, applets, or multimedia files, as well as from sources such as relational databases. The Web Server Plug-In provides connectivity between production Web servers and the DynaBase Data Server for real-time delivery of content and for executing Visual Basic-compatible scripts that dynamically generate high-impact Web pages.

DynaBase 3.0 is scheduled for availability in the fourth quarter of 1997 on Microsoft Internet Information Server running Windows NT 4.0 and Netscape Enterprise Servers running Windows NT 4.0 and Sun Solaris 2.6. For teams operating in large enterprises, starting pricing for a DynaBase installation is $49,995. Call Inso at 800-733-5799 for specific pricing and configuration information. For additional information visit the DynaBase area of the Inso Web site at

Inso has been a leader in the dynamic hypermedia market for ten years. Inso’s "Dyna" products are built upon a stable and high performance set of technologies that dynamically serve million+ page Web sites for industry leaders including Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Novell, and Sybase.

Inso Corporation (Nasdaq: INSO) is a leading provider of dynamic electronic publishing and information access software products that operate in environments ranging from computer desktops to the Internet. The Company markets its products to major corporations, government agencies, and end users, as well as to original equipment manufacturers of computer hardware and software. Additional information about Inso and its products can be found at

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