Duplicate name tokens in attlists

Title: Re: Duplicate name tokens in attlists
Author: pepper@infotek.no (Steve Pepper)
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 97 02:48:52 GMT


In article <33FAEBC3.B87340A6@fotek.com>, Steven Noels <stevenn@fotek.com> wrote:
>Peter Flynn wrote:
>> ISO 8879 says (Goldfarb, 424:12) that a token cannot occur more than
>> once in an attribute definition list, even in different groups.
>> Is this in the pipeline for WG8 as a TC anywhere (presumably in
>> association with the disappearance of omitted attribute name
>> minimization)? I can't find a reference to it, but I know I heard it
>> being discussed (somewhere, possibly an SGML conference).
>We are also interested in some way to find out the proposed changes. Any
>pointers appreciated.

The text of the proposed amendment is available at

Regarding duplicate name tokens in attribute definition lists, it says:

   "The current restriction on duplicate name token ("enum") values for
   attributes in the same set of attribute definitions is removed.
   Minimization by omitting the attribute name is possible only for values
   that occur for only one attribute in the set of attribute definitions."


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