DSSSL Flow Object Class Reference

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Subject: DSSSL Documentation: Flow Object Class Reference

The start of a reference to DSSSL's flow object classes is available at http://www.mulberrytech.com/dsssl/dsssldoc/handbook/focr/.

This material is part of the DSSSL Handbook (http://www.mulberrytech.com/dsssl/dsssldoc/handbook.html), which itself is a product of the DSSSL Documentation Project, a collaborative effort by users of DSSSL to write and disseminate documentation on all aspects of DSSSL for the purposes of introducing DSSSL to new users, education for both new and experienced users, and assistance for people using DSSSL.

The material currently describes a single flow object class, simple-page-sequence, but the next revision will have more. It is a humble beginning, but with time, and contributions, it will become a valuable resource to people using DSSSL and to people using the DSSSL flow objects with XSL. No doubt it could have been done better; bug reports and suggestions for improvement are welcome, as are contributions of chapters on additional flow object classes.

The material is divided into reference and tutorial sections.

The reference section discusses the flow object and lists all of its characteristics, both those defined in the DSSSL standard and additional characteristics implemented in particular DSSSL engines or backends. Following the style of the dsssl-o specification, the standard characteristics and their values, defaults, and required support in dsssl-o are listed in a quick-reference table, which is followed by additional information about the characteristics. The non-standard characteristics follow a similar format, except that the dsssl-o column is unnecessary for them.


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