SGML: DSC---DSSSL Syntax Checker

SGML: DSC---DSSSL Syntax Checker

From Thu Oct  3 12:02:12 1996
From: "Henry S. Thompson" <>
Date: Thu,  3 Oct 96 17:06:51 BST
Subject: DSSSL syntax checker and preprocessor

I am pleased to announce the availability of the public beta release

		     DSC---DSSSL Syntax Checker

This tool, implemented in Scheme, is designed both to provide an
offline syntax checker for all DSSSL expression, style and
transformation language programs, and to serve as a preprocessor for
any Scheme-embedded DSSSL implementation.  Virtually the entire
language as specified in chapters 8 through 12 of the standard is

I welcome beta testers---if you have DSSSL specifications you would
like to check, or you are in the process of creating a (partial) DSSSL
implementation, please download and experiment with this tool.

This is a beta release because I have tested this only using the Elk
Scheme interpreter on a small number of platforms, so I particularly
welcome information about success or failure using other Scheme
implementations and/or platforms other than SunOS 4/5 and FreeBSD 2.1.

You can download DSC from

My thanks to SunSoft for providing partial support for producing this tool.
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