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DRH 96

digital resources for

the humanities

A Conference to be held at

Somerville College, Oxford

1st - 3rd July 1996

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Conference Programme

Monday 1st July

Introduction, Marilyn Deegan, The International Institute for Electronic Library Research, De Montfort University, on behalf of the programme committee.
Keynote address Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healey
1) Critical Editing in the Digital Age
Donald Broady, Royal Institute of Technology/NADA, Stockholm, 'Digital Critical Editions. The Case of the Swedish National Edition of August Strindberg's Collected Works'.

David R Chesnutt, University of South Carolina, & C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, University of Illinois at Chicago and editor, Text Encoding Initiative, 'The Model Editions Partnership: Creating Editions of Historical Documents for the Digital Age'.

John Lavagnino, Women Writers Project, Brown University, 'Reference and Allusion in Scholarly Writing, and the Problems they Pose for Digital Libraries'.

2) Digital Resources for Teaching
Christian Kay, STELLA Project, University of Glasgow (chair).

Ann Gow, STELLA Project, University of Glasgow, 'The COMET Project'.
Jean Anderson, STELLA Project, University of Glasgow, 'A Guide to Scottish literature'.

Michael Fraser, CTI Centre for Textual Studies, University of Oxford, 'Digital Resources and the Teaching of the Humanities'.

3) Workshop, 'Capturing Digital Images'
Andrew Prescott, Manuscript Collection, British Library (chair)

Hazel Podmore, Collections and Preservation, British Library

Peter Carey, Collections and Preservation, British Library

David French, Collections and Preservation, British Library

Richard Masters, Document and Image Processing, British Library
Drinks Reception

Tuesday 2nd July

1) Resources for Medieval Studies
Michael Arnott, Iain Beavan, and Jane Geddes, University of Aberdeen, 'The Online Aberdeen Bestiary: Text and Hypertext'.

Martin K Foys and James Caccamo, Loyola University, Chicago, 'A Digital Facsimile of the Bayeux Tapestry'.

Carolyn Schriber, Rhodes College, 'The Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies'.

2) Women's Archives.
Julia Flanders, Women Writers Project, Brown University, 'Gender, Anxiety, and the Electronic Text'.

Lesley Gordon, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 'The Gertrude Bell Archive.'

Kathryn Sutherland, University of Nottingham,' Revising the Model: Computers, Women's Writings and the Protocols of Editing'.

3) Electronic Publishing Panel
Andrew Rosenheim, Oxford University Press

Kevin Taylor, Cambridge University Press

Colin Day, University of Michigan Press

4) Editing Traditional Texts
Peter Donaldson, MIT, 'Shakespeare Electronic Archive'.

Timothy Finney, Baptist Theological College of Western Australia, Murdoch, 'Transcribing New Testament Manuscripts'.

Speaker to be announced
1) Digital Resources and the Text Encoding Initiative
Milena Dobreva, Institute of Maths and Science, Sofia, 'Problems in Design and Use of TEI based Repertoire of Slavic Manuscripts'.

Espen Ore, Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities, 'Runic Inscriptions meet TEI and its WSDs'.

C M Sperberg-McQueen, University of Illinois at Chicago and editor, Text Encoding Initiative,'What TEI Means for your Project'.

2) The York Doomsday Project

Meg Twycross and Paul Williams, Lancaster University.

3) Workshop, 'Making an Electronic Edition of a Text in Many Versions'
Peter Robinson, The International Institute for Electronic Library Research, De Montfort University.
1) Digitizing Visual Resources
Manfred Thaller, Max-Planck Institut, Göttingen, 'Objects as Digital Resources'.

Jennifer Trant, Getty Art History Information Program, 'The Museum Educational Site Licensing (MESL) Project: Enabling Educational Use of Digital Museum Collections'.

Joseph Viscomi and Robert N. Essick, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 'Constructing the Blake Archive: A Progress Report'.

2) Networked Resources
Colin Day, University of Michigan Press, 'Designing a Networked System for Disseminating Academic Writings'.

Charles Henry, Vassar College, 'The American Arts and Letters Network: An Experiment in Web Communities'.

Suzette Worden and Colin Beardon, Centre for Computers and Creative Work, University of Brighton, 'The Virtual Curator: Educational Software, the Context of Collaborative Development and Authorship'.

3) First Panel on 'Resource Providers and Services'
The UK Arts and Humanities Data Service

Harold Short, King's College, London (chair)

Lou Burnard, Oxford University

Daniel Greenstein, Director AHDS Executive
15.30- 16.00
1) Retrieving Digital Resources
Rachel Heery, UKOLN, University of Bath, 'Resource Discovery Tools'.

Lynn F Marko, Judith A. Ahronheim, and Kevin L. Butterfield, University of Michigan Library, 'The Humanities Text Initiative: A Collaboration Among Text Producers, Editors, and Cataloguers'.

Jackie Shieh, University of Virginia Library, 'Overview on Organizing the Seemingly Unorganizable: Remote Access Computer Files'.

2) Second Panel on 'Resource Services and Providers' International Aspects
Daniel Greenstein, Director AHDS Executive (chair)

Peter Doorn and Annuska Graver, Netherlands Historical Data Archive, 'Providing Digital Information for Historians'.

David Green, Director American National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage.

Lyn Elliot Sherwood, Director Canadian Heritage Information Network.

3) Workshop 'Using Digital Images '
Andrew Prescott, Manuscript Collection, British Library (chair)

Clive Izard, British Library

Leona Carpenter, Computing and Telecommunications, British Library

Phil Barden, Document Supply Centre, British Library
Drinks Reception
Conference Banquet
After-dinner speaker Ron Zweig, Tel Aviv University

Wednesday 3rd July

9.00-10.30 1) Digital Case Histories
David L Gants, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, 'Commercial Printing in Early Modern London: A Digital Case History'.

Mary Keeler and Christian Kloesel '"Kantinuity" and the Evolution of Pragmatism in C S Peirce's Manuscripts'.

Maria Sollohub, the Wittgenstein Archives, 'Choices in the Preparation of Electronic Manuscript Resources-the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen'.

2) Editions for the Future
Peter Robinson, The International Institute for Electronic Library Research, De Montfort University (chair)

Richard Finneran, 'The Hypermedia Yeats'.

Hoyt M Duggan, 'The Parts of an Electronic Archive: Documentary and Facsimile Editions of Piers Plowman Manuscripts'.

George Landow, Brown University, Title to be advised.

3) The New Dictionary of National Biography (DNB): Computation and a large Cooperative Project
Colin Matthew, Elizabeth Baigent, and Robert Faber.
Keynote address David Greetham
Close of Conference
13.00-13.30 Lunch and departure

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