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Xerox ContentGuardTM product suite to be shipped 3Q `99

PALO ALTO, CA, June 8, 1999 — Xerox Corporation today announced ContentGuard – a comprehensive solution for rights management of digital content that enables publishers to create new revenue streams through Internet document distribution. The ContentGuard product suite includes tools for publishing, electronic commerce, user authorization and usage tracking of digital documents. It also ensures copyright protection while maintaining document integrity and facilitating secure distribution and customer capture on the World Wide Web. The initial release of ContentGuard will include capabilities that address the financial, legal and academic publishing sectors: pilot projects are currently underway in these areas. Xerox will begin shipping the ContentGuard suite in the third quarter of 1999.

"With more than one billion people expected to be on the Internet by the year 2005, online distribution of digital content is a key focus of the document publishing industry," said Ranjit Singh, senior vice-president and general manager of Xerox Internet & Software Solutions. "Our customers in the document publishing industry have worked closely with us in the development of the ContentGuard suite and can now benefit from the distribution opportunity and revenue potential presented by the Internet, without jeopardizing their intellectual property rights."

"By combining encryption, e-commerce, user authorization and document tracking, Xerox is offering a truly comprehensive solution," said Kent Allen, e-commerce analyst for the Aberdeen Group. "Any advance that brings high-value digital content to the table while at the same time capturing this value for the content creator is an obvious win-win. In addition, the

content tracking capabilities offer an indispensable digital lead generation/lead qualification tool for the content marketing community."

The ContentGuard product suite, based on research developed at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), includes:

ContentGuard Publisher™: a product that converts documents from many popular file formats to encrypted Self-Protecting Documents. During this conversion, the publisher can associate one or more labels (terms and conditions) with the document (available Q3, 1999). Consumers do not have to install any client-side software to access Self-Protecting Documents.

ContentGuard Marketplace™: an online storefront that can be integrated with popular e-commerce servers such as Microsoft Commerce server. Marketplace performs the task of user customization of self-protected documents at the point of sale (available Q3, 1999).

ContentGuard Rights Server™: a back-office server for handling all operations associated with ongoing rights tracking and enforcement (available Q1, 2000).

Xerox is also offering transaction-based online rights management services for distribution and tracking of digital content. These services will significantly lower the barriers to entry for online distribution, allowing content owners to explore the many potential e-commerce and marketing opportunities enabled by the ContentGuard technology.

"While (other companies) are shifting their focus away from the publishing market and toward the music industry, Xerox has chosen to initially concentrate on documents and high-end publishing solutions. This makes sense since Xerox has a good deal of credibility in this space," said Victor Votsch of Seybold Publications, in a report on Internet Publishing. This report can be found on the Seybold website – www.seyboldseminars.com

Details about ContentGuard can be found on the Xerox website – www.xerox.com


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