SGML: DocBook 2.4.1 released

SGML: DocBook 2.4.1 released

Subject: DocBook 2.4.1 released
Date: 10 Apr 1996 16:32:48 -0400
From: (Terry Allen)
Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml

SUMMARY: DocBook Version 2.4.1, a backwards-compatible "bug fix release" of DocBook, is now available from the Davenport Group's Web site ( or * * *

This release is being made to correct a couple of problems with V2.4, and to provide improved documentation.

If you have begun using V2.4, you should be able to substitute V2.4.1 with little disruption. The FPIs in your references to the DTD and its modules will need updating from "V2.4" to "V2.4.1" -- for example, in the DOCTYPE declarations of documents, and in the module declarations of customization layers.

Following is a list of the main bug fixes in this release; see 241chg.txt in the distribution for a comprehensive list.

o The %vendor.attrib; entity containing the Vendor effectivity attribute (new in V2.4) has been added to %effectivity.attrib; in order to make the attribute available for use.

o The MenuChoice element (new in V2.4) has been added to %cptr.char.class; in order to make the element available for use.

o The content model of Shortcut (used inside MenuChoice) was changed to match that of KeyCombo.

o Three notation declarations have had their system identifiers removed.

o The Option element was added to the content model of Group.

An "alpha" snapshot of the newly reorganized and filled-out documentation is included with this release. We plan to supply new snapshots periodically, culminating in an official documentation release coinciding with V3.0 (scheduled to be released in June 1996). We welcome your comments and sample DocBook documents and fragments.

You can download the files related to DocBook V2.4.1 from the following locations:

o (requires tar and uncompress)

o (requires pkunzip)

The docbk241 files include:

  241chg.txt            Full description of V2.4-to-V2.4.1 changes
  calstbl.mod           CALS-style table module
  dbgenent.mod          Placeholder for general entity set declarations
                        (do not overwrite your own dbgenent.mod if you've
                         added to the original!)
  dbhier.mod            Document hierarchy (high-level) module
  dbpool.mod            Information pool (mid- and low-level) module           SGML Open catalog data
  docbook.dcl           SGML declaration with settings assumed by DocBook
  docbook.dtd           Main DTD driver file

All these files are also available individually in the same directory.

The dbg241 files include SGML (DocBook, of course) versions of the DocBook documentation. The file dbg.sgm is the top-level document file. These files are *not* available individually.

Comments on DocBook are always welcome. You can send comments and questions to the Davenport list (, or directly to the maintainers of DocBook, Terry Allen ( and Eve Maler (
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