Modular DocBook Stylesheets version 1.09

From Fri Jul 24 07:18:41 1998
Date:       Fri, 24 Jul 1998 08:02:56 -0400
Subject:    ANNOUNCE: Modular DocBook Stylesheets version 1.09

Version 1.09 is now up at

In the HTML stylesheet:

* Added SPAN wrapper around inlines with a CLASS attribute that
indicates the GI of the original element. This makes the
resulting HTML documents more amenable to CSS stylesheets.

* Made output of <sgmltag class="element"> switch to Courier.

* Fixed bug which caused Footnotes to be lost in CalloutLists

* Fixed bug in calculation of component names when
%use-id-as-filename% is true.

* Added ($html-body-start$), ($html-body-content-start$),
($html-body-content-end$), and ($html-body-end$) . These
functions can be redefined to add content to the top and bottom
of every HTML document generated.

* Added %html-manifest% parameter. The complete list of files
generated by the stylesheet is written to this file.

* Changed the default doctype to "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0
Transitional//EN". The HTML resulting from these stylesheets is
not always completely legal because DocBook allows block
elements in paragraphs and HTML does not, but the resulting HTML
is closer to the transitional 4.0 DTD.

* Changed the default CSS stylesheet to #f.

* Fixed bug in %funcsynopsis-decoration% where multiple
Parameters were not comma separated.

* Fixed bug in handling of graphics on title pages. Tinkered
with title pages.

In the print stylesheet:

* Added %page-n-columns% parameter.

* Fixed bug in graphic scaling.

* Added &ldquo;tiny&rdquo; to the list of recognized

* Added &ldquo;USlandscape&rdquo; to the list of recognized

* Changed the default footer-margin from 3pi to 4pi.

* Fixed bug in handling of multiple Parameters in a single


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