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DataChannel RIO 3.0 Beta

DataChannel Inc. Announces Availability of DataChannel RIO 3.0 Beta with "Save To The Web" Technology
First Enterprise Router for XML-Enabled Active Content Alleviates the Webmaster Bottleneck by Allowing Anyone to Instantly Save to the Web(DCPs)

BELLEVUE, Wash.-March 10, 1998-DataChannel, Inc., the leader in XML-enabled Active Content Technology and the founder of the XML Active Content Technologies Council (X-ACT), today announced the immediate availability of DataChannel RIO 3.0 Beta, the first router for Active Content. DataChannel RIO enables the Enterprise to have complete Intranet and Extranet control while simplifying the process of delivering critical information to the right people at the right time through the instant distribution of organized content. In addition to its open XML API (application program interface), DataChannel RIO provides the ability for anyone to save any content directly to the Web with its revolutionary "Save To The Web" capabilities. Active Content Technologies, such as DataChannel RIO 3.0, are an emerging class of Web applications that use XML (Extensible Markup Language) to deliver active content to all levels of networked computing (desktop, server, Internet, intranet, extranet, VPNs, LANs, WANs).

"DataChannel RIO provides the infrastructure for getting the right information to the right people, at the right time," said Dave Pool, president and CEO at DataChannel. "DataChannel RIO eliminates the Webmaster bottleneck with the industry's first "Save To The Web" technology. This Web-enabled enterprise management of information enables employees to focus on doing what they do best."

Core Benefits

One of the single most limiting factors facing business today is not the consumption of data, but the ease with which it can be published and maintained. While Web browsers provide a method to consume data, and push technologies have only provided a closed method of organization and delivery, DataChannel RIO eliminates the Webmaster bottleneck by simplifying the process of publishing, managing, and distributing active content for the first time. In addition, DataChannel RIO instantly delivers information to targeted audiences, while still providing the security of centralized administration and control.

  • Instant content distribution & management: DataChannel RIO immediately delivers information to targeted desktops, makes viewing of information effortless, and provides for seamless searching and browsing of critical information. Direct management of data distribution and subscription is made possible through simple property pages.
  • Anyone Can "Save To The Web": Using existing applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, anyone can save directly to the Web from their desktop. This removes the Webmaster bottleneck, and eliminates the learning curve because people can leverage existing computing metaphors such as "folders," "drag & drop," "save," and "cut & paste."
  • Open API: DataChannel RIO is based upon an open API, allowing for the customization and optimization of a solution that meets the particular needs of any organization. For instance, it can be customized to reflect the corporate structure of any company, and altered to change according to the changing needs of an organization.

Pricing & Availability

To become a participant in the early adopter program for DataChannel RIO 3.0 Beta, please contact sales@datachannel.com. DataChannel RIO 3.0 will be available in April 1998, and will be sold through direct sales, certified resellers, and OEMs. Pricing will be announced and will vary according to the number of desktops supported and quantities purchased. Technical support is provided via telephone at (425) 462-1999, ext. 400, or via e-mail at support@datachannel.com.

About DataChannel, Inc.

DataChannel, Inc., based in Bellevue, Wash., is the leader in active content technologies. Founded in 1996, DataChannel focuses on development of XML-enabled active content technologies, an emerging class of applications which use XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to deliver active content to all levels of networked computing (desktop, server, Internet, intranet, extranet, VPNs, LANs, WANs). DataChannel's flagship product, DataChannel RIO, combines the power of an XML-driven database engine with real-time TIB notification [Nasdaq: RTRSY] working with Netscape's Communicator [Nasdaq: NSCP] or Microsoft Active Channel content [Nasdaq: MSFT]. DataChannel RIO, simplifies the process of delivering critical information to the right people at the right time through the instant distribution of organized content including external newsfeeds such as Data Broadcasting Corp. [Nasdaq: DBCC], Desktop Data [Nasdaq: DTOP], and Individual [Nasdaq: INDV]; search engines such as Yahoo!, Excite [Nasdaq: XCIT], InfoSeek [Nasda q: SEEK], and Lycos [Nasdaq: LCOS]; relational databases from companies such as Informix Software [Nasdaq: IFMX], Sybase [Nasdaq: SYBS], and Oracle [Nasdaq: ORCL]; PC applications; and legacy corporate data from companies such as Wall Data [Nasdaq: WALL] and IBM (NYSE: IBM] - all within a customizable employee desktop environment.

Additional information about DataChannel, Inc. and its products can be found at www.datachannel.com.

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