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Feeding the Internet's rapid growth, DataChannel announces XML-enabled next generation data integration services as part of the Professional Services Division

Norbert Mikula, XML pioneer, heads up Data Integration Services

BELLEVUE, Wash., August 5, 1998 -- DataChannel, Inc., the leader in self-sustaining Internet software, announced today that, due to customer demand of the professional services division at DataChannel, it is providing data integration services geared for an XML-enabled world. These services will be led by Norbert Mikula, recently elected Chief Technology Officer of OASIS, the organization for the advancement of structured information standards. Norbert's leadership is part of his recent promotion at DataChannel, Inc. from Senior Online Information Architect to Director of Architectural Services. DataChannel data integration services provide customers with a new method for integrating their existing applications into the new generation of applications utilizing Extensible Markup Language (XML). The new XML-enabled business applications and solutions are defined by the benefit of significantly decreased business costs on a per transaction basis.

"We're excited that XML has been adopted as an industry standard," said David Pool, president and CEO, DataChannel, Inc. "The benefits have become increasing clear: to integrate this new generation of XML applications with existing applications that maximize the full return on the IT investment. DataChannel is capitalizing on this investment by providing customers with professional services and data integration technology that utilizes this revolutionary technology."

About DataChannel Professional Services

The Professional Services goal is to bridge the capabilities and data properties of customer's data warehouse operation, their database/report distribution functions, their knowledge management operation, and their ERP capabilities. They plan to do this with XML, utilizing it as the bridge for hyperlinking application for communication between heterogeneous systems. XML is the key technology to enable Web-native interfaces while utilizing the existing application infrastructure. The result comes down to providing an Internet infrastructure, DataChannel RIO, that enables an organization to Web-enable its mission-critical data, organize this information into collections, and allocate these strategic resources to the appropriate users or groups.

DataChannel Professional Services Division provides a range of services spanning the marketplace for designing, organizing, publishing, and distributing information and transactions over an intranet or extranet utilizing XML. It also includes fee-based implementation and training in DataChannel technology and XML.

  • Integration: Applications must run anywhere and integrate with enterprise resources. DataChannel currently has "jumpstart" kits that integrate with widely used technologies such as Net-It, Wall Data, CDF, Lotus Notes, and POET software.
  • Deployment: Applications must be scalable, manageable, secure, and reliable. DataChannel Professional Services department assists you through the entire deployment process to ensure a solution designed for your needs.
  • Development Assistance: Companies must be able to extend functionality through back-end integration, add value through business services, and leverage third-party solutions. DataChannel Professional Services division currently has both an OEM and VAR program.
  • Development: Applications must be able to adapt quickly to changes. Developers need to spend more time adding competitive value to the business rather than dealing with infrastructure issues. DataChannel's technical engineers will be able to assist to help the development process along.
  • "XML Blueprint" Seminars and Training: XML Blueprint is a fee-based comprehensive education and training seminar focusing on XML-enabling specific partner's or customer's IT infrastructure.

"Our top-tier partners, such as Software AG and Sybase, are moving quickly to incorporate XML throughout their product lines," said Jay Foreman, vice president, Professional Services Division, DataChannel, Inc. "DataChannel is working closely with our customers and partners to Web-enable their applications and manage their Web resources using DataChannel technology and services to ensure they have leading-edge solutions."

About DataChannel, Inc.

DataChannel, Inc., based in Bellevue, Wash., is the leader in self-service enabling Intranet software. Founded in 1996, DataChannel focuses on development of self-service enabling Intranet software allowing end-users to experience the power of XML and corporate knowledge at the power of their fingertips. DataChannel's flagship product, DataChannel RIO, combines the power of an XML-driven database engine with real-time TIBCO notification [Nasdaq: RTRSY] working with Netscape's Communicator [Nasdaq: NSCP] or Microsoft [Nasdaq: MSFT]. DataChannel RIO simplifies the process of delivering critical information to the right people at the right time through the instant distribution of organized content including external newsfeeds such as Newsedge; search engines such as Yahoo!, Excite [Nasdaq: XCIT], InfoSeek [Nasdaq: SEEK], and Lycos [Nasdaq: LCOS]; relational databases from companies such as Informix Software [Nasdaq: IFMX], Sybase [Nasdaq: SYBS], and Oracle [Nasdaq: ORCL]; PC applications, such as SAP, PeopleSoft [Nasdaq: PSFT], and Baan [Nasdaq: BAANF]; and enterprise corporate data from companies such as Wall Data [Nasdaq: WALL] and IBM (NYSE: IBM] - all within a customizable employee desktop environment.

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