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OLE DB and XML Added to Latest Release of Data Junction
Microsoft and Data Junction align on universal data access

Austin, TX — May 4, 1998— Data Junction Corporation has added OLE DB and XML interfaces to its upcoming release of Data Junction 6.5. The market leader in data transformation tools, with more than 100,000 users, now features the versatility to reach a host of non-SQL and legacy data formats as well as web-based applications.

"Comprehensive support for OLE DB positions Data Junction as a vital solution provider for the growing number of applications featuring OLE DB interfaces," said Roger Doherty, Microsoft SQL Server Technical Evangelist. "It also ensures that users of Microsoftâ SQL Server 7.0 can benefit immediately from integration with the wide variety of SQL, non-SQL and legacy data sources supported by Data Junction."

The addition of an XML interface allows users to publish data on the web directly from hundreds of structured data formats. Furthermore, Data Junction’s metadata may now be converted to XML and made available to database developers through browsers and future versions of Microsoft’s repository.

This release confirms Data Junction as the best of breed data transformation tool and primary solution provider for data integration and exchange at all levels. "Data Junction is widely acknowledged as the most powerful yet easy to use transformation tool on the market," said Mike Hoskins, President of Data Junction Corporation. "This new release will secure our position as a key participant in the growing application integration market."

Data Junction combines the ease of an intuitive graphical user interface with the power of a robust multi-platform conversion engine to automate all aspects of data migration, transformation, integration between applications, loading of data warehouses and Y2K conversions. As an alternative to costly and time-consuming hand-coded solutions, Data Junction can dramatically reduce implementation time and minimize expense, while exhibiting the versatility that other solutions lack.

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About Data Junction

Data Junction Corporation is the market leader in data integration and exchange technology with more than 100,000 users (see hundreds of case studies on http://www.datajunction.com). Founded in 1985, its corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas. The Company sells directly to VARs and corporations in the United States, and through distribution partners in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Scandinavia and Australia. DJCorp’s technology is also licensed to strategic partners, both in the US and overseas. Data Junction Corporation has set the industry standard for data conversion tools, winning the Readers’ Choice Award for "Best File Conversion Tool" from Data Based Advisor for the last six years in a row. And in 1997, the company was honored with "best product award for DBMS, connectivity, distributed access and migration" in Oracle Tech Journal.

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