SGML: Common Telecom DTD

Common Telecom DTD

Subject: Re: Common Telecom DTD
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 16:42:09 +0200
From: Henning Moeller <>
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
------------------------------------------------------------------------- Per-Ake Ling wrote: > > Peter Flynn wrote: > > > > Paul, Madsen wrote: > > > > > > Hello, does anyone have any information on the Common Telecom DTD (CTD). > > > > > > I believe it is the European counterpart of the TCIF TIM DTD. > > > > No, but I'd be very interested to know if you find either of them. > > I do have info on both but are mailing this from home so I do not > have the specifics. Please email me at > if you want more information. If there is is sufficient interest, I > will post a more complete reply once I get my facts straight. (I am > a member of the European counterpart, called EFTI3, but don't have > addresses and the copyright issues clear in my mind). > > Regards, > Per-Åke Ling > -- > Ericsson Utvecklings AB email: Common Telecom DTD (CTD) ------------------------ 1/ Scope: The CTD is designed for documents in the telecommunications sector. It offers both specific contents-based structures for operation and maintenance documentation (including descriptions, O&M manuals and User Guides) and generic text structures. 2/ Scalability: Depending on requirements and intended customer benefits (e.g. auto- matic link creation, configuration, precise browsing & retrieval), authors can fully exploit contents-based structures of the CTD for tagging documents where needed, or -if this is sufficient- just make use of generic text structures (e.g. less specific, less granularity). 3/ Structure Model: The CTD offers the possibility to gradually expand its usage along the two dimensions "documentation area" (scope) and "processing level". Examples for telecom-specific structures: task-group, procedure, step, ... Examples for formal text structures: chapter, list, paragraph, ... 4/ History The groundworks for the CTD have been defined within EU-funded project TECPAD. Currently, the CTD has been promoted by the European Forum for Telecom Industry Information Interchange (EFTI) as recommendation (Stockholm, 18. April 97). EFTI-partners *intending* (-> according to EFTI's Declaration of Intent) to deliver in compliance with / request CTD V1.0 are Alcatel, British Telecom, TeleDanmark, Ericsson, Italtel, Nokia and Siemens. Further companies which have been represented at EFTI meetings are e.g. Belgacom, E plus, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and Telia. 5/ Contact points EFTI Chairman: Ms. Gunbritt Jonsson, Ericsson (Stockholm) email: Operator Representative, EFTI Internet / WWW Site (intended for the near future): Mr. K.K. Zangenberg, TeleDanmark (Copenhagen) email: Common Telecom DTD (CTD): Klaus Meusel, Siemens (Munich) email: </> -- Henning Moeller Siemens AG, ZT IK 1, D-81730 Munich -- The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. (A. Tananbaum)