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Principles, Tools and Techniques

Table of Contents
Section 1


Guest Editor Dan Connolly and Series Editor Rohit Khare team up to herald the appearance of XML and discuss its evolution from the Standard General Markup Language (SGML).

XML Background

Members of the W3C's XML Editorial Review Board talk about the "road to XML": its history, breakthroughs, the participation of Microsoft and Netscape, and the work that remains.

D.C. Denison

Work in Progress: People & Projects

In "The Web Is Ruined and I Ruined It" self-proclaimed HTML Terrorist David Siegel discusses how proper separation of structure (HTML), style (CSS), and semantics (XML) makes content more compelling and design more effective.

David Siegel

W3C Timeline

Section 2: W3C Reports

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Tim Bray, Jean Paoli, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, editors

Extensible Markup Language (XML): Part 2. Linking

Tim Bray, Steve DeRose, editors

Section 3: Technical Papers

A Guide to XML

Norman Walsh


Stuart Culshaw, Michael Leventhal, and Murray Maloney

The Evolution of Web Documents: The Ascent of XML

Dan Connolly, Rohit Khare, and Adam Rifkin

Embedded Markup Considered Harmful

Theodor Holm Nelson

An Introduction to Structured Documents

Peter Murray-Rust

Codifying Medical Records in XML: Philosophy and Engineering

Thomas L. Lincoln

XML: Can the Desparate Perl Hacker Do It?

Michael Leventhal

XML: From Bytes to Characters

Bert Bos

An Introduction to XML Processing with Lark

Tim Bray

Building Microsoft's XML Parsers in IE4

Jean Paoli, David Schach, Chris Lovett, Andrew Layman, Istvan Cseri

JUMBO: An Object-Based XML Browser

Peter Murray-Rust

Capturing the State of Distributed Systems with XML

Rohit Khare, Adam Rifkin

XML, Java, and the Future of the Web

Jon Bosak

Automating the Web with WIDL

Charles Axel Allen

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