SGML: 1.1 Release of SGML Companion(TM)

SGML: 1.1 Release of SGML Companion(TM)

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From: (Christian Wallgren)
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Subject: Announcement: SGML Companion 1.1
Date: 3 Jul 1995 15:07:36 GMT
Organization: Publishing Development AB
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Press Release

Stockholm 1995-07-03

Publishing Development AB today announces the new 1.1 release of 
SGML Companion(TM).

New features are an integrated import function and an evaluation 
copy of The SGML Tag Wizard(TM) to be used as "test bench", where the DTD 
under construction is concurrently tested against an instance 
(requires is Microsoft(R) Word 6.0 for Windows(TM)).

SGML Companion(TM) operates under Microsoft(R) Windows 3.1.

Price has been set to USD 200:- for a "paper-free" delivery.

Also announced is the free SGML Companion(TM) DTD-browser to be 
available on World Wide Web.

Please refer to home page
for details. This browser also serves as an evaluation copy of 
SGML Companion(TM).

Both these products will be available in August.

Publishing Development AB is determined to hold its position as 
leading supplier of software to bring SGML to the public. 

The software designer, Christian Wallgren, was awarded in February 
this year by the Swedish Association of IT-managers for his work 
with SGML Companion.


SGML Companion is a trademark of Publishing Development AB, 
registered trademark in Sweden.
The SGML Tag Wizard is a trademark of Nice Technologies.
Other mentioned brand or product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders.

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