New Versions of Clark's XP and expat

[XP 0.5]
From Fri Jan  1 21:25:08 1999
Date:     Sat, 02 Jan 1999 10:13:28 +0700
From:     James Clark <>
To:       "XML Developers' List" <>
Subject:  XP 0.5 available

A new version of XP, my XML parser in Java, is now available. See:

for more information.

This release has few changes: some bug fixes, and better reporting of ID attributes (the type of ID attributes is now reported in SAX).



Date:     Thu, 31 Dec 1998 10:06:33 +0700
From:     James Clark <>
To:       "XML Developers' List" <>
Subject:  New expat test release

A new expat test release is available from:

This is not a production release. The current production release is still 1.0.1 which is available at

New features [in the expat test release] are the following:

You can now compile with -DXML_MIN_SIZE to get a smaller (but slower) parser (in particular this avoids multiple copies of the tokenizer). Under Visual C++ 6.0 the xmlparse - Win32 MinSize target builds a minimally-sized xmlparse.dll. Note that unlike with the Release target this doesn't depend on xmltok.dll; it links in the xmltok functionality that it needs.

XML_SetCdataSectionHandler allows the application to be informed of the start and end of CDATA sections. (Data within a CDATA section is always passed using the handler set with XML_SetCharacterDataHandler.) If there's a default handler but no CDATA section handler, the default handler will be called with the <![CDATA[ and ]>.

The code for pushing files through the parser has been separated out into xmlwf/xmlfile.[ch].

The XMLNS define has become XML_NS.


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