Sample XML/XSL - Buddhist and Literary CJK-English Digital Dictionaries

Date:      Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:05:41 +0900
From:      Charles Muller <>
Subject:   Sample XML/XSL


There have occasionally been requests on this list from people completely new to XML, for samples of XML files, DTDs, XSL files etc.

I have been compiling two lexicons for a number of years, extensive CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) to-English references that have been on my web site since 1995 in HTML format. These have been stored during this time in a quasi-SGML-TEI structured text format. I have recently finished fully converting these to XML and validating them, and have gotten them set up so that they are browsable with the MSIE 5 beta. The format is extremely rudimentary, with little styling and no XLinking, but they are nonetheless viewable with a major browser (a major step!), so those who are constructing their first DTDs and XSL files might be able to benefit from some of the code to start their own basic documents. [Note: At this point, the Dictionary of East Asian Buddhist Terms is more highly developed than the dictionary of East Asian Literary Terms, so please pay greater attention to the former than the latter]

For any of the XML pros out there who have a moment to take a look at this material, I would appreciate any advice on implementing other functions that are supported by MSIE5b2 that I may not know about. The HTML files are also still available on the same site, so you can see what it is supposed to look like, eventually. Of course you need CJK font support to see the East Asian characters, but the bulk of the dictionary is English text.

I have uploaded just twenty of the 214 data files for the time being. These will be upgraded regularly according to advancements in browser support and the growth of my grasp on XML. Eventually this XML version should fully supercede the HTML version.

The resource is located at:


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