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Chrystal Software's Nicholson Elected Chairman of OASIS Board

San Diego, California - August 12, 1998 -- Simon Nicholson, Business Development Manager, Europe, for Chrystal Software, was recently elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). OASIS is a non-profit, international consortium dedicated solely to product-independent document and data interchange.

Simon has more than fourteen years' experience in the document production arena, having joined Chrystal Software from Xerox Corporation. He has been involved with Chrystal's flagship product, Astoria, since it's inception. He is a significant contributor to Astoria's ongoing development.

Nicholson joined the OASIS Board of Directors in October 1997. "With his tenure and industry experience, Simon will contribute an understanding of the issues and needs of our European members," said Robin Tomlin, Executive Director, OASIS. "His market knowledge will help the Consortium continue to evolve to effectively meet the needs of its members."

Founded in 1993 as SGML Open, OASIS has expanded to embrace the complete spectrum of structured information processing standards including XML, SGML and HTML. Users and suppliers of products/services that support these standards came together to form OASIS.

Chrystal Software is an entrepreneurial company focused on the expanding market for content management solutions tools that enable organizations to derive more value from their business-critical information by managing it in the form of reusable, interchangeable components. Chrystal makes an expanding line of content management solutions for companies that produce technical documentation and other types of business-critical publications. Our products complement leading authoring software from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and ArborText. They enable publishing teams to manage their documents in a central repository, where library check out/in and revision tracking enable many people to collaborate on projects efficiently.

Chrystal is a member of Xerox New Enterprises, a business development arm of Xerox Corporation chartered with the identification, development, and successful commercialization of new technologies. The company has a worldwide presence with partners in key markets and customers in automotive, aerospace, telecommunications equipment, publishing and other industries.

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