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Chrystal Software

10875 Rancho Bernardo Road, Suite 200
San Diego CA 92127-2116
PH: 619-676-7700
FAX: 619-676-7710
E-MAIL: info@chrystal.com


Chrystal Software, a Xerox New Enterprise Company, is a leading supplier of SGML/HTML document component and content management software that enables companies to improve the way they create, exchange, package and deliver information. Chrystal Software products enable single-source publishing to multiple delivery types for companies who see the componentization of document-based information as the key to bringing new products to market more quickly. Addressing a broad range of challenges, from managing diverse data types, to version control and component reuse, Chrystal Software products are designed to support corporate publishing applications, from paper-based documents to CD-ROMs, the Web and corporate intranets.

Astoria is designed to make creating, editing, and delivering documents composed of millions of information components easier and more efficient. By enabling workgroup users to access and manage individual components, rather than entire files, Astoria improves accuracy, accelerates document production time, allows for easy reuse of information components in other documents and formats and reduces the cost of publishing large, structured documents. Astoria is ideally suited to applications where critical knowledge has been captured through a combination of document structure and content, expressed through SGML or HTML, leading standards for defining information components in a platform-independent, vendor-neutral way.

Astoria Software Developer's Kit (SDK)
The Astoria SDK provides access to the full power of the Astoria Content/Document Management Engine. Many Astoria capabilities, including the Navigator, were built by Chrystal Software using this robust SDK. The Astoria SDK is public, built in C++, and is useful for building customized applications often required by demanding publishing applications.

Astoria Bridges
Astoria Bridges enable users to access the Astoria repository through document editing tools, such as Adobe's FrameMaker+SGML, InContext, SoftQuad's Author/Editor and Arbortext's ADEPT*Editor. Astoria Bridge users are provided easy-to-use interfaces to share and reuse document components, apply version information and perform document management functions from directly within the editing environment.

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