Announcement for Website "Chinese XML Now!

Date:     Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:43:30 +1100
From:     Rick Jelliffe <>
To:, James Tauber <>,
Cc:       "Martin J. Duerst" <>, Gavin Nicol <>
Subject:  ANNOUNCEMENT of Website "Chinese XML Now!"

"Chinese XML Now!" is a project at Academica Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, to help developers of Chinese XML software. The project Web site is:

The English-language version of this Web site is now available for use. Chinese versions should be on-stream next week, in UTF-8, Big5 and GB2312.

The Website will feature:

Anyone who is doing Chinese XML is welcome to participate. At this early stage in the game, the intent of the site is primarily to provide useful material for Western developers: we want to make it easy for the first generation of XML tools to support Chinese. But as more XML activity grows on this side of the Pacific, we anticipate the site will become primarily targetted to Chinese-language people. Part of this may also involve creating or porting useful utilities.

Academia Sinica is the leading Chinese research institution. It has many projects which will require Chinese XML in the near future. "Chinese XML Now!" is a project to help develop XML infrastructure we can use and share.

Contacts for this project are:

Rick Jelliffe:
Sidney Lu:

Rick Jelliffe
Computing Center
Academia Sinica