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English Prose Drama is complementary to English Verse Drama. It is the only collection of historical texts of English prose drama currently available on CD-ROM and much the largest collection in any format.

Scholars of English literature and language can now apply their researches to the full spectrum of prose drama in editions chosen specifically to meet their needs and covering a chronological period of more than 450 years. As a teaching resource, English Prose Drama offers new opportunities for the study of some of the greatest literature in the language, as well as of the plays of many lesser-known writers, whose work is made readily accessible for the first time.

English Prose Drama contains more than 1,800 plays by approximately 400 authors from the Renaissance to the end of the nineteenth century. As with English Verse Drama, the bibliographic basis is the New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, CUP 1969-72. Early, and where appropriate, collected editions are generally selected. If a contemporary edition is considered unreliable, a later edition may be used. In certain cases, modern critical editions are included.

The entire text of each drama is included with any accompanying text written by the author and forming an integral part of the work. Selected images are directly accessible from the relevant points in the text.

As with English Verse Drama, you can search on any word or phrase in the text or title of any drama in the entire database. The detailed encoding of the texts provides you with a wide choice of search criteria, enabling you to select and view, from a vast body of text, just the lines or passages of interest to you.


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