SGML: CETH TEI Pilot Projects on WWW

SGML: CETH TEI Pilot Projects on WWW

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  [1]   From:    Wendell Piez <>                 (33)
        Subject: CETH TEI Pilot Projects on WWW

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The Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (CETH) is pleased to announce
the availability on the World-Wide Web of three pilot projects in SGML markup
according to the guidelines of the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative). These are
the first in what we hope will be a continuing series of projects to
demonstrate various ways of using TEI encoding to create Humanities resources.

The projects' front page is at URL:

All three projects were created using desktop PC's and programs running on them
(SoftQuad Author/Editor and Panorama; WordPerfect 6.1, SGML Edition), with the
object in mind that they would provide models for what could be done by
scholars in the Humanities with minimal technical support. Because they are
encoded in SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), the texts created are
platform-independent, compatible with any application which handles the

The projects have been designed to demonstrate a range of scholarly and
educational applications of the TEI: we have produced an edition of a text
rendered in both print and networked versions (an electronic edition of Walter
Pater's "The Child in the House"); an edition with critical commentary which
demonstrates the uses of TEI linking mechanisms in a hypertext rendition
(Chapter 1 of Zora Neale Hurston's Their_Eyes_Were_Watching_God); and a
multimedia rendition of a Renaissance manuscript in facsimile and analytical
transcription (John Donne's Elegy "Love's Progress").

The pages also include a quick guide to configuring WordPerfect 6.1, SGML
Edition, for use with the TEI. The SGML texts, as provided, are configured to
be browsed using SoftQuad's Panorama (which runs on a Windows platform;
instructions on obtaining a copy of the free version are available at the

Wendell Piez
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (CETH)
Rutgers and Princeton Universities