The Capacity Set

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In the capacity set, you specify the maximum size of your document. Before we discuss the details, let us look at a simple example, which explicitly states several capacities, leaving not mentioned ones unchanged.

Following is a list of the standard's settings, and a short explanation. Each item will mention the keyword of a capacity category and the way it can be calculated. According to the standard, each capacity is declared the value 35000.

The above list is adapted from Goldfarb's book on SGML (to be precise, figure 5 on page 367), I hope he does not mind me quoting him not quite literally. I had to do this because I myself do not quite understand each and every capacity category.

Finally, I have to mention the possibility of declaring the capacity set by a public identifier. Your declaration would then be like the following: CAPACITY PUBLIC public identifier. The public identifier states which one will be used.

Well, for those of you who got this far, try the following part on concrete syntax scope.