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Something new under the Sun:

Electronic Texts and the Text Encoding Initiative

A Special Issue of TEXT Technology

Edited by Lou Burnard, Oxford University

Table of Contents

The Text Encoding Initiative
Eric Johnson

Introduction to the Special Issue
Lou Bernard

Varieties of Electronic Experience
Jeffery Triggs

Using the World-Wide Web to Deliver Complex Electronic Documents: Implications for Librarians
John-Price Wilkin

The Lingua Parallel Concordancing Project
Laurent Romary, Nathalie Mehl, and David Woolls

Only 250 error messages!
Susan E. Kruse

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter
James K. Tauber

Tables of Contents TEI-style
Syd Bauman

Bare Bones TEI: A Very Very Small Subset of the TEI Encoding Scheme
C.M. Sperberg-McQueen

For information about how to obtain a copy of this special issue, send email to text.technology@columbia.dsu.edu