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The Concise SGML Companion

Neil Bradley
ISBN 0-201-41999-8, paperback, 336 pages
List price: $29.95 U.S.

Table of Contents

Chapter 10: CALS Tables

Clarity, comprehensive coverage and precision are just a few of the reasons why anyone who needs to get up to speed with SGML will appreciate The Concise SGML Companion. This book is destined to become the essential desktop/briefcase reference for busy SGML practitioners. Neil Bradley's philosophy, 'to get to the point quickly and stick with it until it's been fully explained', has been eagerly received by his reviewers:

Quotes of Note

"I haven't seen anything this useful on the market yet. Its contents span the range of questions from learning about SGML to using it in anger."
Charlie Stross
fma Ltd

"It will be one of the best SGML books on the market. "
-Professor David Barron
University of Southampton

Features include: