XML: A Revolution Unfolds


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XML: A Revolution Unfolds


XML Today

XML & Web-Based, 3-Tier Applications

What’s shipping today


Junglee: Virtual Database Technology

Online Recruitment

Web Commerce

Junglee Architecture

XML in the Browser

Realizing the Web’s Full Potential

The Web’s Full Potential

Challenges to Realize the Web’s Full Potential...

Web Sites Requirements

Lessons from the Web

Lessons from Servers

We have learned


Application architecture

XML is already evolving to the next level

Still to come...


Remember the book store

New XML grammars

New XML grammars

Web Applications Architecture

What’s missing

RPC Dashed Pink Lines

New XML Grammars Dashed Red Lines

Stores/Queues Yellow Tanks

Converters Blue Triangles

What can be built?

Next Steps

Step I

Step II

Step III


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