New Deadline for XTech '99 Presentations

Subject:     New deadline for XTech '99 presentations 
Author:      Jon Bosak
Date:        1998/12/23
Forums:      comp.text.sgml

The deadline schedule for XTech '99 presentations has been changed from a "soft" deadline of Monday, December 14, 1998, to a "hard" deadline of Friday, January 8, 1999. The change reflects a growth in the size and importance of the conference that requires increased lead time in the planning and preparation of printed schedules. Where formerly we were asking for early proposals but allowing late submissions to within a few weeks of the conference, we are now setting one deadline for all submissions well in advance of the conference.

We will make a serious effort to find a space for late-breaking news of really serious import, but if you want a spot on stage, you'd better get your proposal in now.


XTech '99 is the third annual West Coast spring GCA conference for XML and related standards. Last spring's conference, held in Seattle, sold out at more than 700 attendees. This year's event, to be held March 7-11 in the San Jose Convention Center, promises even more essential news and information for the XML technologist plus a parallel event, XIO '99, for the live demonstration of cross-product interoperability among exhibitors of XML products. The primary sponsors of XTech '99 are the Graphic Communications Association, Sun Microsystems, and OASIS. See for details.


The single most important criterion for acceptance of papers at XTech'99 will be the presentation of new technology. The goal of XTech'99 is to showcase the latest technical developments. Put simply, to have the best chance of getting on stage, you should be prepared to demonstrate some XML-related technology that will be news to the audience.

As with previous events in this series, formal papers need not be submitted in advance. Instead, proposals should be submitted in clear text to in the following form:

   Author's name and job title
   Postal address
   Email address
   Abstract (500 words or more)
   Two-sentence description for conference brochure
   Target audience
   Biographical information
   New technology that will be demonstrated

All presentations are 45 minutes in length and must be accompanied at the time of the conference by an electronic version suitable for posting on the conference web site. Proposals for half-day and full-day tutorials are also welcome and should be sent to using the format above.

Categories for presentations and tutorials include network messaging, publishing systems, programming, tools, and products. Presentations must be related to XML, XLink, XSL, RDF, DOM, and related standards, but are not limited to web applications of those standards. While there will be a track for case studies and other management topics, the primary XTech audience remains the XML developer and expert user, and therefore a strong priority will, as always, be given to running implementations and the very latest developments in tools and techniques.


Jon Bosak, Chair, W3C XML Coordination Group and XML Plenary
Tim Bray, Co-chair, W3C XML Syntax Working Group; Co-author, XML 1.0 Specification

[For additional information, see the main conference entry for XTech '99.]