XML Developers' Conference, August 20-21

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Date:      Sat, 1 Aug 1998 12:32:05 -0700
From:      Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@ENG.SUN.COM>
Subject:   XML Developers' Conference, August 20-21

A two-day technical conference for XML, XSL, and XLL developers will be held Thursday and Friday, August 20 and 21, in Montreal, Canada. Cosponsored by the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), the XML Developers' Conference extends the highly successful series of "XML Developers' Days," which began at the International World Wide Web conference in 1997 and became an independent biannual event last August.

Like the previous events, this UnConference(tm) resists the bigger-is-better trend of recent years and maintains the concept of a focused, single-track event featuring just the very best presentations from the cream of XML geekdom. This is a conference by developers, for developers, in a locale noted for its French-Canadian culture, great food, and low prices. If you come wearing a suit we won't actually turn you away, but we don't need your business so badly that we're willing to lower the level of discourse.

This time the presentations include up-to-the-minute in-depth briefings on XML support from Microsoft, Netscape, and Sun; demonstrations of XML/XSL software; XML applications for RDF and SMIL; and presentations on XML schemas, XLink, architectural forms processing, and the use of XML in knowledge management. The presenters include six members of the W3C XML Working Group that produced the XML specification, and the conference is led by Jon Bosak, Chairman of the W3C XML WG. See the complete conference schedule at:


The XML Developers' Conference immediately follows the GCA Metastructures 1998 Conference in the same location, Le Centre Sheraton in Montreal, August 18-19. The Metastructures Conference is the premiere annual event for those interested in the technical side of XML-based information management, including use of the emerging XLL specification for advanced hyperlinking. For complete information on the Metastructures Conference, see:


A special rate is available for those wishing to attend both conferences. The Metastructures Conference is preceded on August 17 by a day of tutorials on architectural forms, XML, XSL, XLL, DSSSL, and SMIL, so if you're not up to attending the XML Developers' Conference right now, you will be after taking the appropriate tutorial!

If you are seriously interested in the XML family of standards, here's your chance to get the very latest news on industry support for XML technologies, hear from the people at the center of this next-generation infrastructure for the Web, and share information and opinions with people like yourself at the forefront of the XML movement. Be there!

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