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XML Can Be Automatically Generated From MetaStar Suite

Valley Forge, PA April 29, 1998 - Blue Angel Technologies, Inc. announced Wednesday that its MetaStar product line is now available with full featured support for XML. MetaStar is a powerful suite of software tools that provide a broad range of functions for capturing, managing, publishing and discovering structured information on the Internet.

"The inclusion of XML support within the MetaStar suite is a natural product extension since this product line already provides support for numerous well-known formats like SGML and HTML. The addition of XML support was a natural outgrowth of existing functionality" said Jim Restivo, Blue Angel's president.

"Today's announcement means that customers who want to begin using XML can do so with an off the shelf product that requires no programming", said Restivo. "This permits customers to implement sophisticated XML applications on the Internet in a matter of days. For example, if users have XML embedded in Web pages, the MetaStar tools can crawl these Web pages, extract the XML and publish the data on the Internet where it is immediately available for searching. Or if users have information in a database, the MetaStar tools can render those records in XML and place it in HTML pages", continued Restivo.

The MetaStar Suite is a collection of standards-based software components that provide an end-to-end solution for information management on a network. The addition of XML functionality in these tools provides customers with a high performance, flexible solution that can be implemented very quickly because the suite is provided as a fully supported off-the-shelf product. The components are also available as Software Development Kits for organizations that want to integrate this functionality into their own application suites.


The MetaStar suite with XML support is available immediately.

About Blue Angel Technologies, Inc.

Blue Angel Technologies is the market leader in software solutions for managing meta-data in the Internet and Intranet environments. Software products for the capture, maintenance, dissemination, discovery, and use of structured information include MetaStar Search, MetaStar Repository, MetaStar Server, MetaStar Data Entry, MetaStar Gateway and MetaStar Harvester. For more information, visit Blue Angel’s World Wide Web site at http://www.bluangel.com or call 1-610-917-9200.

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