Bingham's Report on 32 SGML Vendors: SGML '94

The following was posted by Newswire, summarizing in Harvey Bingham's words what was reported by 32 vendors at SGML '94


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[Editor's Note: This listing was created by Harvey Bingham of
Interleaf (]

The following are [Harvey Bingham's] extracts of 32 three-minute
talks by vendors.

Acquidneck IETM creation, SGML import to MIL-M-87269,
Interactive presentation in context-sensitive mode, SGML
requirements CASE tool with output in entity/relation or
flowchart forms.

Associated Consultants and Software Engineers (Jean Pierre
Gaspart0) have 35 people doing SGML applications in business and
finance. Also, reclaiming responsibility for Mark-It parser
support, now owned by the European Commission.

Advantage KVS knowledge based troubleshooter using EBT. IQ
books joint release.

ArborText SGML Author Edit Composer, PC Windows version
demonstrated, DTD Editor, PowerPaste toolkit/product, expert
system tool with user interaction to locate troubles and fix
them as they are recognized.

Avalanche production tools, FastTag/Hammer, SGML development
toolkit to go from SGML or other source to WWW. Responsible for
developing Microsoft SGML Editor for Word, uses Word styles.
SureSTYLE structure and style checker for Word.

Autografix SGML-aware search/retrieval browser.

Data Conversion Labs Legacy data conversion, SGML Word pictorial
representation of valid tagging for review use.

DataLogics WriterStation -- Documentum coupling, OS/2 Windows,
MAC, RS6000, SGI. Inline tables, FOSI preparation for their
Publisher.  Demoed using Docbook application.

Exoterica OmniMark text programming language for non-SGML or
SGML <=>: SGML or non-SGML, hypertext. Pattern matching and
action rule based, with built-in high-performance validating
SGML parser and graceful recovery.

Folia Corp Views 3.1 SGML Toolkit search/retrieval,
viewer/editor, for legal and accounting vertical markets, uses
Infobase and Omnimark.

Grif MAC version of GRIF multiview SGML system, Grif for WWW
editor, hardwired, free, April '95.

Hal Computer OLIAS version 1.1 browser with demo CD-Rom Index to
over 100K documents available on the WWW, displays both SGML and
WWW documents. Tool to build books from SGML doc instances from
any DTD.  Stylesheet for presentation control.

ICC-OLCS Data conversion for publishers.

IDI/OCLR SGML Server to build document databases, web server
SGML/HTML/Navigation aids, scalable.

InContext Version 2 has enhanced SGML editing. Uses Excel
tables. Comes with Acrobat reader. Full support of external
entities. Supports arbitrary DTDs. Structure template or inline
tag display modes. Marked section maintenance.  They also offer
a software development kit with a C++ API/DLL interface.

InfoAccess  Guide professional publishing, Guide reader, DLL for
context-sensitive help, EPUBS hypertext, works with RTF,
Interleaf ASCII, Frame. Has table viewer with scrollbars in

Interleaf Cyberleaf for disparate Interleaf, Word, WordPerfect
Frame docs to HTML with URL link addition cross-collection, I6
SGML in 2Q 95, RDM/AIS Store by Documation '95.

IS Programming Team IAS for U.S.Army. public domain software,
has been under windows, doing XWindows. Display with popups for
warnings/cautions/notes, change bars on screen, graphics

Jiesse (sp?) French software company, graphic and text images,
SFQL and SGML, aircraft information retrieval system based on

Lexicon Systems offers full WYSIWYG product for SGML.

Microsoft SGML Author addon for Word 6, a Christmas baby.

MicroStar offers Near&Far light, decoupling the DTD viewer (not
changer) for $150. Runs on windows, HPUX/Solaris. SQL-based back
end. Information from

Novell Application Group (WordPerfect) Intellitag 1.2 maps
between WP 5.1 and SGML. Asserts the WP SGML edition will know
of Output Spec.  In '95 (Beta 1Q) WordPerfect SGML Edition 2.0
for windows will upgrade to WP 6.1.  It will be WYSIWYG, better
integrated, with templates, macro support, and contextually
sensitive editing and validation, Tag generation can be a
function of WP style and SGML attributes.

OpenText Release 5 full-text index search with faster indexing,
quick graphic interface for query too, search 50 native mode
word processing document formats.  Search can be SGML-aware.

Oracle accepts and maps 70 word processor formats to Oracle Book
version 2.0, Version 2.1 adds SGML support for any DTD. Output
can be HTML, RTF, ASCII, TEX.  CALS or DocBook to HTML
conversion. Oracle Context provides autoindex, digest, summary
extracted from document.  Viewer for hypertext/table/multimedia,
runs on windows, mac, motif,...

Passage Systems end-to-end on-line form of documents,
HTML/OLIAS, DynaText.  Non-SGML => SGML authoring, Entity
management, conventional filters.

RTIS consulting, no products.

SoftQuad WWW Panorama read-any SGML Document, will be part of
the next free release from SpyGlass of a more general viewer
than the current SpyGlass enhancement of Mosaic, in which simple
presentation properties can be associated with a DTD to render
instances written to it.  Downloader, To include long, complex
docs, math, 1:many hypertext links, HyTime location model. A
Panorama Pro will sell for $139.  Similarly HotMeTaL Pro is sold
with a HTML Editor.

Time Lux Sari  EditTime SGML editor/parser under xwindows ($699)
with unicode support (+399)

TMS (Hi Sierra) 500 CD-Rom library for full-text retrieval.
Also a viewer toolkit.

XyVision featured product document management PDM 2.3, working
with Informix DB. Uses Adobe Acrobat for page distribution.

Zandar "Alchemy" tagwriter version 4, transformation tools,
SGML=> whatever in 2Qtr 95, WP/RTF ASCII => tag format, $199
tool. DLL callable.

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