SGML/XML BeLux '98 Conference - Call for Submissions

Subject:      SGML/XML BeLux '98 Conference - Call for Submissions
From:         "Steven Noels" <>
Date:         1998/06/18
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml

SGML/XML BeLux Conference '98
Fifth Annual Conference on the Practical Use of *ML
October 21, 1998 - Antwerp, Belgium


SGML/XML BeLux, the Belgian-Luxembourgian Chapter of the ISUG, is organising its fifth annual conference on the practical use of SGML and XML. We have been very successfull during the past few years in gathering all parties working with SGML and XML in our small countries, and in creating an active forum where ideas and experiences were exchanged. SGML/XML BeLux is again seeking presenters and exhibitors to repeat this success of the previous years.

If you or your company have used SGML or XML in order to complete a project, learned about SGML and XML the hard way, or if you feel your insights on SGML and XML could be of interest to our audience, we invite you to share your knowledge and experience with us.


Since XML is being well received by current users and vendors of SGML-related technologies, and of growing interest to our audience, we have decided to have a mixture of SGML and XML-related topics during the conference. What we are certainly interested in are:

Feel free however to discuss other topics with our conference content managers.

Topics can be either technical or management oriented (business implications, cost/benefit ratio ... ), as long as they are not commercial by nature. SGML and XML tools vendors are happily invited to participate to our exhibition, which is held during the conference. Further information on participating to the exhibition will be posted shortly.

Presentations will be grouped according to their topics.


Presenters are invited to submit an abstract of their presentation in English of approximately 250 words, along with the following information:

By preference, submissions should be sent electronically to the conference content managers, details below.

More details on the submission of your final presentation will be sent to you when your presentation is accepted.



Conference content managers