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Sequoia Software Corporation Sequoia Interchange98 to Support Azron Electronic Medical Record Product in OEM Partnership 

COLUMBIA, Md., April 13, 1998 - Sequoia Software Corporation announced today an OEM agreement with Azron Incorporated, headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., a developer and marketer of electronic medical record systems. The agreement allows Azron to embed Sequoia’s XML transaction server for healthcare, Sequoia Interchange98®, into AZRON® EMR, easing the sharing of data with other healthcare information systems. AZRON EMR is a point-of-care system designed to provide healthcare practitioners with electronic access to all patient and clinical information previously held in a paper chart.

Because the Azron/Sequoia technology product package will store medical records electronically using XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language), healthcare providers can deliver vital care information at multiple facilities while maintaining access to a comprehensive master patient record.

Joe Kessel, vice president of sales for Sequoia said, "We’re very excited about the relationship with Azron, it’s an excellent fit for Sequoia. Azron is a top quality organization with a top quality product. And we are confident about this winning combination of Azron’s product and Sequoia’s XML for healthcare technology foundation."

"Sequoia’s back office technologies will serve as the cornerstone of our next generation browser-based, thin-client product line," said Jae Evans, Azron president and chief technology officer. "The non-proprietary, Web-based architecture used by Sequoia will further differentiate Azron and extend our EMR product capability and market reach," Evans added.

"Azron is very enthusiastic about this partnership with Sequoia because it provides us with XML, a strong, proven standard, and the ability to directly integrate our "point-of-care" system with Microsoft’s BackOffice™ server suite," commented Kevin Roberts, Azron chairman and CEO.

"We are very pleased with the potential offered by the partnership between Azron and our Industry Solution Award Winner,Sequoia Software," said John Carpenter, worldwide healthcare industry manager at Microsoft.

"The combination of Azron’s EMR product and Sequoia’s XML based back-end solution with our BackOffice Server suite creates a powerful solution for the healthcare marketplace. The interoperability this product package now provides healthcare systems creates an implementation strategy for new technology that should ease acceptance among clinicians, increase adoption within the industry and improve healthcare organizations’ return on investment" added Carpenter.

Sequoia Interchange98 puts Microsoft infrastructure components--Windows NT, SQL Server, DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model), etc.--to work for virtually any health care infrastructure and application.

Utilizing Azron’s tool set to create specific charts, templates, guidelines and reports, clinicians will input, retrieve and update patient information held in a virtual repository supported by the Sequoia technology foundation. The Azron EMR can be accessed by clinicians using wireless, pen-based, mobile computing technology. Azron EMR automates manual processes, allows healthcare providers to capture and manipulate data more quickly and intuitively, and enables providers to streamline administrative processes.

Sequoia Interchange 98 is a back-end software product that manages, indexes, and transports patient data to and from client applications ranging from radiology machines to popular billing systems. The first XML transaction server for healthcare, Sequoia Interchange 98, provides all the media, security, and database management required to efficiently use this information in a massively distributed environment over diverse and often disparate technology platforms. The Web-based mechanism connects islands of medical information created by "best-of-breed" applications and manages the universal language describing healthcare data.

Azron Incorporated develops and markets Azron EMR, a flexible electronic medical records system that can be accessed using wireless pen-based mobile computing technology. Azron's products provide particular value to clinicians because of their intuitive design, short learning curve, point-of-care mobility, and ease-of-use. Azron EMR has been in active clinical use by over 200 physicians, nurses, and physician assistants since 1995, and is managing the records of over 80,000 patients in a wide range of clinical environments. Additional information about Azron incorporated and the Azron EMR can be obtained on the company’s website at http://www.azron.com/.

In 1997, Sequoia was selected by the U.S. Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a national Master Patient Index using XML technology. Additional information about Sequoia Software Corporation and Interchange98, healthcare's first XML transaction server, can be obtained from white papers, fact sheets and backgrounder through Sequoia's website at http://www.sequoiasw.com/.

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